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Love the budha sitting amongst Ms. Maples garments- he seems to be enjoying the view. Hehe.

Beautifully spun up Baritone Coopworth!


Despite it not being soft, it really is a pretty heathery grey. I've been watching the leaves go here too, so sad!


Baritone is looking quite handsome. I'll get to him one of these days!


I wondered what Coopworth is like. Looks lovely for outerwear, lovely on the bobbin too. Maples - incredible color.


I got all excited there about the "baritone" thing...youngest son, the opera singer, is a baritone. One of his screen names is "barelyatone@....". The red maple next door, after an incredible display this year, did exactly the same thing. PLOP!


What a wonderful description of autumnal ritual. Gorgeous photo and nicely spun yarn, too.


I envy Buddha his meditative serenity. I have a hard time not getting grumpy when the leaves start falling on my head.

Baritone sounds a lovely note.

Cindy D

You wax poetic me dear!!! And there's a Buddha to boot...no pun intended.


ms. maple is a floozy. budha thinks she's hot.


Beautiful, beautiful spinning. It should take awhile to spin enough for a sweater, right? The buddah under the 'skirt' is priceless.


Did Mrs. Maple succeed in seducing Buddha? He certainly looks happy.

The yarn looks great and I think a mannish jacket could work.

Beth S.

Coopworth is vastly underrated. Seriously. You should see the stuff I got at Rhinebeck; it's marvelous. Mmmmmm.


Beautiful spinning - the colors in that fleece are just gorgeous.


The maple os a reminder to live mindfully. That is often difficult for me.
Don't you just love that book? It goes with me to every fiber festival to use in fleece evaluation. Keeps my head from running away with too many "doubtful use" fleeces!


Baritone is making a very handsome single -- it would make a great sweater for Mr. E.


Baritone does have a bit of masculine voice there on the bobbin. I can definitely imagine it becoming a part of a sweater for Mr. E. I bet Baritone would sing beautifulc cables.


Coopworth is an excellent sweater wool. I nabbed the champion Coopworth at Monterey one year, 16 pounds after a serious skirting. It was lovely, a long lustrous staple, stronger than canbe, yet not scratchy. Excellent for knit or woven outerwear.

This fascination with using finewools for sweaters, well, it's a bit too touchy-feely for me. Yes, for next to the skin, but if you're wearing it as a sweater instead of a shirt? Why not choose a wool that won't pill, won't wear through on the elbows in the first year, a wool that protects as well as warms?

Our maple is a boy and just doesn't do it for our Buddha. He's partial to the Daphne...


love this post - I was chuckling hard here.
Coopworth is very scratchy, yet fun to spin. He might also love to be a table runner??

Dorothy B

Your post goes from the silvery grey of winter at her coldest and most sparkling beauty to fall in the heat of her glory.


I agree that Coopworth is a delight to spin. I have, however, never answered the question of what to do with the yarn produced. Neither I, nor anyone I might knit for, would wear a Coopworth sweater.

Here's hoping you have better luck.


My decision that I Had to Have a corriedale fleece was completely inspired by "In Sheep's Clothing". I really love that book.

Baritone is quite lovely - and whatever he ends up being, he'll be perfect.

lisa Co.  Springs

Very pretty, the Coopworth...MrE will be warm and cozy in no time :)

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