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so it was a "feral free" weekend? ha!


The bear's message cracks me up.

I have one of those indigo and osage bumps, too (got mine at MDSW). I've been spinning it up into a 2-ply DK-to-worsted weight. Pretty easy spinning, but it feels a little dry - will go heavy on the hair conditioner when I set the twist.


I bought from Stefania when I was in Colorado so I didn't this time but I think her natural dyed rovings are wonderful.


Until I read about the unphotographed fiber I was going to say you were extremely restrained compared to, ahem, some people I know. You got some lovely stuff there, and now you don't need to (further) insulate your house.


I LOVe Alpaca Kathy's message....hahahahah!!

You did well!

Caroline M

It's a good man that will clear out the closets, it means that you've got somewhere to put your new purchases. That's the storage issue with fibre isn't it, it takes up so much more room than the yarn. It looks as if you've got heaps of fibre when really there's almost nothing there at all (was that convincing enough do you think?)

Lee Ann

That's what that ball o' roving is called? A bump?

I, uh, have six. Seven, maybe. I forget. :-}


Oooo, organized closets for stash storage? He is a keeper!


Lovely laceweight..........and, the hubby is a keeper!


I had to go buy a huge Rubbermaid trash can to stuff my overflow of fiber into...sigh. And thank you...I also bought some of the Cormo/nylon from Barb Parry and never thought of socks! You done good. (Wait till you see what is coming off my drum carder as we speak!)


Thanks for the gorgeous fall color pics.


Your husband organized closets while you were gone?! He's a catch.


Good men are worth their weight in fiber? You did a wonderful job of shopping. After seeing it sitting in bags at the end of the bed I wonder that you got it all in the car. It was so much fun to be near all the different fibers, fleeces and yarns (and you).


My husband would be only too happy to clean out the closet and organize it. The only problem is all of my stash/ fiber would also mysteriously disappear. And that's a problem. I need a faithful and scary figment like yours standing guard ;-)

Great Rhinebeck finds. Got some Persimmon Tree roving in Blueberry- now wish I had bought some of the yarn too. Next time.


Ha! They should hang that on a big banner above the front gates! I love it. That fiber does act quite nicely as insulation!


Great acquisitions and yes, it counts as insulation!


You have exquisite taste. That Foxfire cormo/silk is scrumptious.

Cindy D

I bought some Persimmon Tree roving as well! I may have to get some of the Mushroom you bought :)))).


Wonderful choices :o)


How could your husband possibly say anything anti-knitter or anti-wool? I mean, even if he were the kind of man to do such a thing, didn't we all help knit him a new leg bone? I mean, what kind of ingratitude would that have been? Of COURSE he was supportive of your new stash acquisition! All of which, I might add, look just lovely!

(And yes, I love the little bear, too.)

Marcy, Not so Blogless

Nice haul, Etherknitter. Not bad for a start. :D

Teresa C

Wow, I love everything you stash!


You did very well...
With friends like yours, who needs, ummm... more encouragment? I've been spinning more since Rhinebeck.


Just one wee fleece, eh? How many does that make in the stash, total?

Oh, nevermind. It can't hold a candle to my 6.5 pound fleece. That wee shetland barely even counts. ;-)

Dorothy B

Your husband didn't go feral after three days? Wow, mine goes feral in an afternoon. Although I think two toddlers one of whom is not quite potty trained kind of speed that process up.

You managed to get some really beautiful things in Rhinebeck.

julia fc

Lovely to see what you got. You like those guys at Persimmon Tree, don't you?


i am drooling.


That's a good husband you've got there.

Nice stuff.

Elise Hiller

I was so thrilled that you mentioned the fiber from Weston Hill Farms. If you ever need (or want) to get in touch with Eileen Testo (she is blogless, alas) let me know as she and her husband have a fabulous kennel that I use all the time for my Saint Bernard. I see her sheep all the time and they are adorable and live such an idyllic life. I can get you her number easily...email me if you need it.

I can't wait to tell her that I saw something written up about her...she will be so excited. It will give me a chance to talk fiber with her as she has promised to teach me to spin. Love your blog.
Elise Hiller


Beautiful fibers, thanks for the blend breakdown. And double thank you for the plant species and cultivar names along with the beautiful photos.


As if he would.

Just a tiny fleece....hardly counts at all.

The laceweight intrigues me...plan?


I bought the same purple roving of wool/mohair blend. it was fabulous to spin. i sungle spun then plied it with a single golden metallic thread. it looks soo luscious....i love it and dont know what to knit with it.....probably a shawl...nice to see that someone else loved that fleece too...

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