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don't feel bad, i only have one wheel, too. and no spindles (although that may change, i've just seen some GORGEOUS glass ones)

Lee Ann

It was so wonderful to finally be in the same room with you...I feel very, very lucky to have had at least the opportunity to give you a bunch of hugs and tell you how special you are to me. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm still here thanks in large part to a certain Etherknitter being absolutely, unequivocally *there* for me.

Ah, the wheel. I saw Cate try that one out. Darlin', the wheel of your dreams will come. Next year, I'll park myself in front of one and pretend I'm buying it until you get there, if you want. You know, just as a public enabling service :-)


I tried for some pictures of the fiber haul last night and failed abysmally. That winter darkness has already begun descending.
Having one wheel isn't a bad thing, when the one you have is as versatile as the matchless. But I have a feeling the right second wheel will find you soon.


The little bit Of Laurie time that I eeked out of the weekend is treasured indeed!


You hit it on the head... terrific analogy. Can we make it 'til spa? Who would think these things would become such markers in time. and that was 'what' wheel?


It was so great seeing you and spending time with you at Winebbeck- great wine, laughter and conversation. Thanks for induging a newbie like me by fawning over my purchases- sorry that I never got a chance to slip away and see yours. And the wheel thing? It truly wasn't meant to be. I do like Lee Ann's plan :-)


I still only have one wheel. Maybe a new web ring is in order. One Wheelers.


I was so glad we "Marcias" got to sit with you away from the hubbub Saturday evening..and don't fret about the wheel. There is another one out there for sure. Now, what do you have planned for that "not so neutral" Indigo and Sage roving..the public wants to know!


One wheel is not a crime. I only grabbed my 2nd because it was just too goo to pass on. I want to hear your "the one that got away" story!


One wheel here too! (Raises hand and winks.) To me it sounded like even if you got the one that got away, it would've been a case of a square fitting into a circle anyway.

I could use one of your hugs right now. You think you could bottle that?

FANTASTIC to see you as always!


I'm making plans to go next year and I'm wondering if I should bother. We've got some great festivals closer to home. Plus, I feel like I will be arriving late to the party.


Only one wheel here! And I expect it to stay that way for a while, maybe forever. I'm not buying a bigger house just so I can collect wheels.

Great to see you, although not nearly long enough!


As I said, the wheel was not meant to be. There's one out there for you that's even more special. Perhaps even as special as YOU.


I missed the escaped-wheel story too... but I'm so glad not to have missed you. I wanted another wheel too, but nothing spoke (har!) to me. Maybe at SPA...


Always happy to enable, however subtle the influence may be. (And thank you for not posting horrific pictures of me.)


That's one of the things I love most about festivals--the way we gather in such a time-worn way. It reminds me that we're not too far from the peasant farmers who started this whole sheep and wool business.


As always, it was wonderful to see you, even if it was for far too short a time! Love the picture of my little girl. I'm still amazed at how well the twins did in the amazing whack of bloggers.


It WAS great to see you! Ahhhh....I heard that you were coveting the same wheel as me, and felt the same disappointment as it headed out the door....sigh. I have been on the list for going on 6 years now and it seems like it has been a blessed eternity, but when the time is right, it will be ready :-)

Carole is right....the right wheel will be available the very moment it is meant to be:)


Oh no! Does that mean you decided against the Robin?

I, too, am at the a one wheel for the forseeable future juncture. I have a couple I would love to own (the Jensen I spun on in August is now my new covet wheel) but need to work on the interior design of my house before adding more heavy equipment.

And I agree with Kim, when the time is right, the right wheel will be there. I think the best wheels are like that. They are made for a particular person, even if the wheelwright and owner-to-be don't know it until the purchase is made.


I adore you.

julia fc

Geez, did I see you at all? That is a total stealth picture, I don't even remember when I wore my bandana around the mess that is my hair. I know I was there because I have the fiber and the grin on my fave to prove it, but it seems already like too long ago.


One wheel, and it doesn't even have a wheel, just a little sewing machine motor and a foot pedal, but we match perfectly. It does what I ask and in return only asks for electric current and non-detergent 20-weight oil. The best relationship I've got!

Cindy D

You can only spin on one wheel at a time!!! Cherish the one you have and for pete sake buy MORE BOBBINS!!!Schachts can spin any kind of fiber.


It was the one that got away - it was THIS BIG.

Also, subtle? We talking about the same woman?


"Blogger bumper cars." That's PERFECT! And--I thought I recognized Kat in that picture! (I'm always impressed when I recognize other people's children.) I'm so sorry I was so rude as to have my back to you when you took that picture . . . (grin)

The wheel? Obviously the right one just hasn't come along.... but it will!


I saw you from afar this weekend, and never did manage to catch up to you for one of the ever famous hugs - I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to see you!

I don't know a thing about the wheel story, but agree with the masses that when it's right, it's right. It'll happen - just when you least expect it.

(much like love, I hear.)


It was wonderful to see you - and thanks again for calming me down when I started to freak a little about the crowd, it was much appreciated :o)

As for your wheel - it will be when it is time to be...


Sounds as though you had a marvelous time. What a connection you all had. Yes, there is a bit of envy here. Maybe we Rocky Mountain bloggers can get a hint from the East Coast come Estes Park and Taos time. hint...hint...hint...


Sounds wonderful and overwhelming!

Dorothy B

Your thoughts on Rhinebeck seem to mirror that of so many. The people and the togetherness of it all was the best part although the fibre and tools of the trade were a darn close second.

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