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Oooh, I love the sock pattern! Where can I get it?? I have Christmas presents to knit... =)


The picot is to die for. Note: my picot does not look like that, hence I am in awe. On my monitor the color of that sock says Skier to me. NIIIICE. Oh and the bobbin shot is a thing of beauty.


My first comment is on the nice pattern down the leg. ;)


Two lovelies to see. I just did my first picot on a sock, it is fiddly but so nice looking.

lisa Co.  Springs

Your bobbing shot puts me to shame :( Absolutely stunning.

Teresa C

Yeah, first thing I noticed was the pattern too! Do I already have that one?


Pattern first, picot second, color third. The fiber is to die for! Must.get.some.bunny!


Wow, nice color! for both items. Oh, I bet that Rambo-Angora blend is niiiiiice. But damnit, I've been cured of almost all my allergies. The ones that remain? Rabbits and horses. Crap.


Is that the Whispering Rib pattern for the sock? Margene made me get that when I visited her, too.

Rachel H

That's some mighty fine spinning you have there. And I can SO hear your Jedi Voice.


While the picot hem is lovely, I really like the lace work. Oh, and the color. :-) I can understand why you are proud of the hem though.

Your spinning is gorgeous. Just wonderful.


That pattern is indeed worth the effort. Lovely. Your spinning, ahhhhhh...!


Beautiful spinning and what a nice texture for a sock!

Marcy, Not Blogless

That there is some nice spinning, Ether! Aren't longwools the best? Yum.


The pattern is Whisper Rib by Anne Carroll (Gilmour). It's one of my favorite patterns ever. You're doing a beautiful job and your spinning is breathtaking. Chris' wool is exceptional! Lucky you!


Wow, nice pattern on the sock. ;-) Personally, I am thoroughly impressed with the picot edge, because that simple little detail gives me fits at sock gauge.

Spinning the autumn equinox indeed. Lovely.


Your spinning is exquisite! Love that sock, too. So far, i've only tried a picot edge once. Let's just say it doesn't resemble yours very closely.


It's a lovelyl picot hem, and goes so well with the lacy pattern! Love the roving--you really are spinning the autumn equinox.


Uh-oh... now I really have rambo/angora fever. Lovely color. The sock is wonderful!


That sock looks fabulous. I have *hemvy*.

And the spinning. It's apple crisp on a bobbin.


oh wow oh wow, that is some gorgeous color on the Autumn Glow!!

Dorothy B

Very pretty sock. I like the pattern.

Love how the roving is spinning up. Gorgeous!


The sock and the spinning are both gorgeous! I have to admit I'm attracted to the color, but also to the whole gestalt of the design, including, but not specifically limited to, the picot hem.

That roving. Ohhhhhh.

Beth S.

Beautiful. All of it. Are you now a convert in the Church of the Picot Hem? I think we might just reel you in... it ceases to feel "fussy" after you get a coupla pairs under your belt. ;-)


I'm always struck by how much more impressed people are by self-striping sock yarn than by any sorts of fancy patterns. Same with color. Because, generally, I didn't dye it myself.


Beautiful! :o)


love the autumnal equinox :-)


My reactions, in order:

1. COOL pattern on the leg - I wonder what it is?
2. Great picot!
3. Hmm, nice blue, I guess.



Very pretty fiber and the sock...well...it is absolutely yummy!


You aren't wussy.


Nice work.


Especially nice picot hem! Is that a purl bump in the rib trough?

The spinning. You have Good Taste. I have great technique, but I have zero taste. You combine technique with taste *and* the Jedi Voice. The rest of us just can't keep up!


I thank you for that Jedi voice push. And the nice comments about the fiber. You're spinning makes it look so wonderful!! Do I get to fondle the finished product sometime?

That sock! Yum!! A beautiful blend of pattern, skill, and color.


nice picot!


Ya know...I'm not really a fall colors in clothing kinda gal, but that rambouillet/angora roving is absolutely fantastic! I'll bet you'll enjoy knitting with it too.


You are still not going to entice me into spinning. I'm not even looking at those pictures.

And you're tagged. I love doing this!

Ten favorite songs, tag ten more bloggers. Go to my post today for mine.

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