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Even though we hadn't a name for "Lace Face" in our home til now, it certainly has been seen before. And I wouldn't fix the sock either - as long as its still comfy, who cares.


I think that the yarn bra is inspiring the intergalactic whorehouse :-) I *so* know what you mean about needing concentration -- that's why I often knit when the rest of my clan is sleeping. Sorry about the sock -- no one looks at toes except other knitters -- enjoy them in closed toe shoes.

Teresa C

Hahahahaha! Intergalactic whorehouse. Now there are some images.

I admire your ability to leave the sock as is. If it feels fine, then it is fine. And noone will see it anyway, right? That is, until you whip off your shoe to show everybody. I know you will.

Last, Rhinebeck is a long way away. I think you can do it. Once you get the hang of the pattern, it will be moving right along. Don't give up the leaf yet!


I bought Tess's microfiber ribbon a couple years ago. I tried using it for the Diamond Patch top. What a disaster. I frogged it and sold the yarn to a friend. She turned it into the most gorgeous slipstitch top in the world. I can send you a url if you'd like to see it and get inspired. Stick with it, Laurie. Your microfiber WILL be beautiful one day.


A HERD of FO's? Too funny. Sorry about the poor sock...was it both, or just one?


My friend Holly made a similar mistake with toe up socks. The ankle was on sideways. She had me try them on and when the ankle was in the wrong place, she told me to TURN MY FOOT.

Once I pointed out to her the reality of my anatomy vs that of the sock, we had a good laugh!


Lace face? Bwahhahaha.... but on second thought, I think you're right. They do test us like that. And btw, I'm really really glad you didn't rip the sock. It was the right thing to do.


Good work...it is the process and you know when it works, when it doesn't and when it's time to say it's perfect as is.
If you leave out a YO there is no need to tink. You'll see where it goes on your way back and can just pick it up. In the all of it, even if it is a little smaller than the others, no one will notice...like the toe of a sock hidden in a shoe.


yeah for mr.ether getting back to work :-)

Beth S.

Intergalactinc whorehouse? Lace Face? Perpendicular toes? You are KILLING me today. Hee hee hee hee hee!



Lace Face is a perfect name for that look of concentration (or is it consternation?) that we get. The sock is now uniquely yours and there's nothing wrong with that.


That picture of the socks in the sun is just beautiful!


The socks are beautiful. So are the photo and the yarn. Do you have trouble finishing things you know are imperfect? I'm having that problem with my Trekking sock, even though I-am-not-ripping-back-is-that-clear.

I'll have to start something for Rhinebeck so we can not finish together. Except, my luck, then you would finish.

Yay, Mr. E! (For being back at work, that is. Now go watch football.)

Dorothy B

Glad Mr. E is well enough to go back to work.

I would have left the sock too and done the other one to match. Then I would have just told people it was a design element.

Caroline M

I'm glad Mr E has recovered enough to go back to work. He's done well, and you too.

My six year old broke his leg this week and I thought of you..


I'm pretty sure I saw the episode where Capt. Kirk fell in love with one of the whores in the intergalactic whorehouse, but I don't remember her wearing that yarn...


Take a page from Microsoft's book: It's not a bug, it's a FEATURE. ;-) My, what a lovely design you knit on top of the sock toe!

lisa Co.  Springs

At least you can tuck the mistake into a shoe :) Who knows---you might like the new look and make it a regular design feature.

julia fc

Hey, I love Battlestar Galactica, and those whore houses are some classy looking places. You take that back!


Lace face.....hahahahah!!!! I bet everyone out there in blog land knows that face intimately...LOL!

I do love the ribbon yarn....very pretty!


It goes in your shoe. Is it comfy? That's what matters.
But I'm proud of you for letting go.

The knit 4, rip 2 progression eases as you go. So that's somehting to look forward to.


Mr E back at work - that's great news!! Intergalactic Whorehouse - that's too damn funny!!
Ripping it out is sad but I've see the Green Gables done up by a couple of people and it sure is pretty.
Like your socks even if the toe is a bit wonky. They look comfy.


attention (energy) vampires


The socks are great--beautiful color. The toe adds interest.....

When I knit the flower basket shawl last summer, I found that I tinked back at least as much as I knit in the beginnning. It was frustrating at first, but once I got the rythmn it went well and became fun...?


I've done that to sock toes. I just have been too embarrassed to post a picture of it.
Intergalactic whorehouse?? That's probably the best blogpost line of the day.

Lee Ann

I think I've actually worn something suitable for that particular brothel...sort of a brocadey, stretchy, shiny thing...

I'm heading for the drawer now to purge. Man, somebody call What Not To Wear, please.

The Green Gable sweater is popping up all over the place lately...and the ribbon one is really lovely, so you never know. Just don't tell Mr. E. if aliens come knocking at the door.

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