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GREAT "Q"! That first photo is really fabulous.


Oh, I wish I wasn't allergic to grapes and wine. Awesome Q.


That sounds so wonderful!
Rhinebeck~SQUEAL!!! :)


That photo is phenomenal! But, let me ask, are we renaming it "Winebeck" this year? Drat, I may have to get a hotel room (or designated driver!) and join you!


So many of my friends think I am a sad case I just don't get the wine thing. But give me a tasting of fine Scotch (we have a grand selection to choose from and always on the look out to add to the collection) and I would be a happy camper.

But I have been to wine tasting parties and blew my friends away because I could taste the difference and was able to blindly place the wines from finest to down good - but when asked if I now loved wine because I had had these wonderful wines and was able to pick them and understood the underlying flavors etc. - and I replied Ehhh - I think they finally gave up on me :D


And you can tell my insomnia has been in a bad period - that was supposed to be --- down to good -- not down good. argh


No bad news....perfect! I love that Marcia, Winebeck.

Rachel H

Enophiles and Boston Common. How wonderfully refined! My little gaggle of knitters is driving to Rhinebeck as well, and staying somewhere I seriously hope is within stumbling, er, walking distance of your hotel.


That is one fabulous photo, and a great idea. See you in Winebeck! I repeat Sandy's SQUEAL!

Dorothy B

Love the wine photos.

Rhinebeck, sigh, someday...

Lee Ann

Ahhhhh. Just...

ahhhhh. Beautiful.

It's funny, talking to friends in France who are completely obsessed with wine the way I am with fibre, and they do talk about the varieties of grapes, but the industry and the product are so driven by which tiny piece of land produced the grapes and when it happened. Which side of the dirt road your vineyard is on can make all the difference...

Which, for me, meant that learning about wine was almost entirely geographical :-)

Lee Ann

Oh, and Rhinebeck? I'll be there. Same hotel.

You're right, there is no bad news :-)


Wine and Rhinebeck. Count me in!


Ooo, and I'll be in the car, right? There IS no bad news;-)

Cindy D

So you are a vineophile!! Drink on!!


lovely photo. hmmm i'm thinking that i shlould leave joe home\.


Love the photo of the wine glasses, and the other as well. Wine and yarn, what a lovely group of collections. Unfortunately our wine stash remains in depletion mode as the "deck that ate Dutchess County (NY)" is quickly moving into "deck that ate NY state territory" as we begin construction (yet again) after untold modifications with prices not yet determined, the wine budget remains shot to hell.

Thank goodness a few small yarn purchases have made their way into the stash.

Hopefully by Rhinebeck I will be able to contemplate wine replenishment as well as yarn stash enhancement.

Madame Purl

I'm so jealous - I can't make Rhinebeck this year and I'm seriously bummed about it. The wine looks wonderful. Love the glass picture.


Wine, how I love it! I took wine tasting classes at the Faculté d'Oenologie (for college credit! Imagine!) when I was in Dijon, but the scope of my knowledge is limited to Reds. Burgundy reds, to be exact.


Rhinebeck! I can't wait.


Someday I need to remember to shut up about the fiber already and make you wax rhapsodic about the wine thing for a bit.

Y'all are at the same hotel as last year for 'beck, yes? When are you heading over, BTW?


That first picture is fantastic!!! See you at Rhinebeck!


You just gotta love a dinner where there are 6 or 8 wine glasses sitting in front of you.
Wine stash; I love the concept. Mine rivals my yarn stash as well.


I cannot wait. (Save me a glass...I'll try to bring something good.)

lisa Co.  Springs

I knew there was another reason I like you! Remind me to tell you sometime about the afternoon I spent with a winemaker, restaurantuer and distributer in the back room of a winery-----oh my!


Lovely photo of wine glasses.

I, too, am looking forward to Rhinebeck (maybe even Winebeck) - my first visit! I really should start making lists of desirables now....


about that driving to Rhinebeck thing...when are you leaving? do you have room for one more...?


That is an inspired Q! Have a lovely Rhinebeck. :)

blogless sharon

wine @ rhinebeck I can hardly wait. can we have a party


I love that first picture of the glasses, from below. And I love me some wine. I had to chuckle at the wine stash/yarn stash comparison. At the risk of revealing too much, I could not keep a wine stash as I do the yarn. The wine would be much less work to Eff Off.

Melissa G

Four is about the max we've compared, somewhat formally, and that was in addition to the meal. I'd need my friends to bring their own crystal in addition to their entry. It sure is fun listening to different perceptions, kind of like talking about color or art.


great photos! whinebeck, hee! see ya there :-)


58 days and counting...


I used the word Quaff in a scrabble game with my ex-sister-in-law - landing on a triple word score - she just would not believe me that Quaff is actually a word.

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