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I've missed your posts but I understand how life can get in the way sometimes. You guys must have had a ball at Webs. Wish I could have joined you!


I cannot wait to see your plying results with the yarns you chose. Love the photo of the little blue angora ball on the (hosta?) leaf.


What--you didn't grab a shopping cart from the warehouse??? ;)
Looks like a fun day!

Beth S.

Plying your handspun with Zephyr is freakin' brilliant. Way to get the most yardage out of your efforts! And I can hardly believe how lucky you were to get such an excellent color match. It's going to be so very lovely. :-)

Cindy D

Nice choice on the cone yarn to ply with the BFL! Looks like a great combo.Sorry I missed the sale....


I have managed to snag the WEBS' shopping cart on occasion....lots of yarn can fit in that sucker! But, they will hold your loot and let you go back for more...just saying.


I have to laugh - besides being jealous of your Webs venture, I am absolutely NOT jealous of having to break in a new resident! LOL Makes me glad I work in a non-teaching hospital, even if I have to supervise four rooms at a time!

julia fc

I think Kellee's expression speaks for us all.


Wish I could have been there. Looks like you all had a blast! Nice haul. Sounds like you all needed a shopping cart :-)


I hope your resident looks like the resident anesthesiologists I had at the Brigham! Breaking them in would be a pleasure! ;)


So am I missing out on a must have experience? I've never been to Webs. You ladies (dwarfs??) certainly had fun!


You have so much potential waiting your needles and wheel. Thank goodness you'll be finsihed with the 'break in' soon. I thought that might be the reason you were AWOL.


oh...the silk...it's so pretty it hurts.


The way that the addition of silk transforms wool is amazing. The sun! The shine!

Maybe I'll run out to my trunk and fondle my cone.

(you can thank me later for the search hits you'll get from that one)


I think I need some Zephyr. and more MORE silk. No, I am quite sure I don't need it, I do, I don't, I love it! What fun.


The seventh dwarf. Now there's a new identity for me. Sneezy? Grumpy? How about WOOLY?

Don't say it's taken...


I cannot wait to see that silk plied with the handspun -- going to be gorgeous. I am trying to resist the call of the Webs siren :-)


I adore that green silk; elisa has it just right.
Looking forward to seeing how things ply up. You know; when the resident is broken in. ;-)


The ditching of the leech-like resident is in sight!

lisa Co.  Springs

I'm so glad you're back (I've missed you!), and what an adeventure. I think I may have to plan a vacation to Boston, and make WEBS part of the deal :)

Let me know how the plying goes, I was thinking of someting similar. It's a bit hard to get enough handspun for a decent project, but if you could ply it with something else----ah the potential!


You're just lucky you went while I was on vacation. Otherwise nothing would have stopped me from tagging along. The Large Bag strategy is brilliant, as are all your purchases.

Rachel H

Very cool idea to ply the handspun with commercial yarn to extend the use. I can't wait to see how that turns out.

Something interesting was finally delivered to my house yesterday, by the way. Something small and lovely with three legs and this wheel that spins round and round...


Lovely emerald silk! And Webs; yet another reason for a trip to Boston.


Maybe it's best if Webs never realizes that...


Hey, you're back! I'd had enough of Japanese beetles. And, as others have noted, Webs does have shopping carts, especially in the warehouse, although I try my damnedest to restrain myself to one handheld basket each time I go.

Hmm, and plying my handspun with commercial yarn - what a concept! But I might need to go back to Webs soon then....


You know, I *still* haven't been to Webs yet. I'm starting to think (especially seeing the look on Kellee's face) that maybe I should abstain.

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