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Sarah HB

That is so great that Mr. Ethernet is back to work in 2 weeks!!!!

Great news...love the scarf.


Lovely scarf, and so glad to hear life is returning to normal.


My god. He's vertical.

My very deepest congratulations. Now take off that scarf before you melt, sir.


What a wonderful sight seeing Mr. E upright and juggling too! Lovely scarf- both sides are very pretty.


Hoo and also Ray!!!! So glad for both of you!


That is what I thought too, what a lovely sight to see Mr Etherknitter standing and looking happy!
And congrats on the scarf as well.




Back to work in TWO WEEKS! That is fabulous news. That scarf is gorgeous and must be incredible to feel.


Nice scarf!

So glad to see your DH up and...what is he doing? Juggling? Good for him! ;o)


He looks absolutely great! What a joy to see your FO. Oh right, and the scarf too. Lovely. ;D


All right! Mr E up and juggling!


What a wonderful sight! Congrats.


Yay, Mr E! And nice scarf, E. :D


Wow, Mr. Etherknitter, up on his feet and juggling, even! That takes more than verticality alone, it takes being able to move about and have balance.


Please remove his picture at the top of your blog, fallen on ice or snow, and replace it with this one!

Prayers are answered, and we thank God!

Liz Cadorette

I am SO pleased to see him on his feet! YESYESYES!!!!

Congrats to him, and to you for getting through the ordeal sunny side up.



First, nifty scarf. Better yet, Mr. Etherknitter! How very excellent!


Oh the excitement! Let me count the ways:
1. A MODELED knitted F.O.. This is no small feat in mid-summer.
2. Juggling. Lurves juggling, I does.
3. Mr. Etherknitter up and around....and juggling. Tee hee.

The summer is looking up indeed.


Yay! for no cane and Double Yay!! for back to work in 2 weeks. :-)


Cheers for Mr. E's uprightness! And the scarf's pretty dang pretty.

Wendy M.

You know, I don't even know you or Mr. Etherknitter, but I was just so worried. And now so relieved and happy so see him all "knit" back together. What a strange and wonderful community these internets have created. Here's well wishes to you, strangers!

I love the scarf too. I think I like the back even better than the front - it makes such an intriguing basket weave pattern.

Beth S.

He must really, really love you to model a scarf in this weather. ;-)

The "wrong" side is very fetching. Isn't it great when that happens?


Horray! I am so happy for both of you.


Yeah! Vertical, and no cast or anything on the leg, no cane . . . that's super! No wonder he looks so happy!


Oh, and oh yeah. Nice scarf.

(grin--It really looks great!)


Back to work! I'll bet he is excited.


he's mobile! that's great...the scarf's not bad either ;)

Cindy D

This is what is means to stand on one's two feet!!! A joyous occasion for both of you I'm sure. The scarf is lovely.


My earlier assessment of Mr. E as a Renaissance man is again confirmed -- he is a man of many talents. Juggling is on my list of one of those things that I want to learn how to do. Really. The scarf is lovely, GREAT color and pattern. Stay cool.


Gold stars for both of you for getting through this experience TOGETHER. HOORAY!!!!!!!


Hurray for Mr. E!!!!!!
How wonderful to see him standing on his own two legs. He couldn't have done it without you. You make a good team.


Well, I've already told you how happy I am that the boy is upright and mobile! But, now that I know he juggles, I'm REALLY impressed!


Woot! Grins and hugs all around--for finishing the lovely scarf. And most importantly, to Mr. Etherknitter for juggling and standing. And being literaly back on his feet.

Rachel H

So, So good to see Mr E up and around on his own two pegs. And what a guy for modeling a scarf on a day like today.

Lee Ann

Wow. And Norma thought *I* was bionic...

Who'll lay a bet that Mr. E could spin, too?


WOOT! He made it, you made it and that scarf is fantastic!


Hurray! I squeaked when I saw Mr. E up and around! Eek! So! Happy!


OOo, cute legs! Oops, I mean cute scarf!

And nicely healed leg, too - that's definitely worth celebrating - good job, Mr. E!


A recuperation that even the Hermann Maier the "Herinator" would be proud of.

As you can tell so many of us are so happy for you all. And the scarf is beautiful.


oops meant to say The Herminator - at least I didn't say the Herniator, cause no one needs on of those either, eh?

lynne s of Oz

Gosh, Mr Etherknitter, look at you! Back on two legs, and able to juggle!
Never fear, in a month or two the heat will be past and you can enjoy spinning and knitting again....


Having been in a similar situation years ago, my hats off to Mr. E for the hard work he has put in the last few months...both physically and mentally...his support crew is outstanding too! The sigh of relief (and perhaps that glass of wine?) the two of you are enjoying has been well earned...


Terrific display of love, will and dexterity. A triple yahoo for both of you!


Wow. I am impressed with the standing/juggling along with the rest of the net audience here. It's a fitting finale - oh, and the red scarf - wonderful!


Seeing Mr. Etherknitter standing up just makes my day! I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary of my broken ankle, so I feel a real kinship with him. Knitting bones together, now THAT's knitting! Of course, knitting a merino/cashmere scarf in this inconvenient summer is a feat worthy of the Tour de France as well...


He's on his feet! Both feet! That's great news, indeed. And he can even juggle while standing.
And he's a keeper, if he'll pose in a cashmere scarf on a hot day, just for the bloggers.


Awesome news!!!!


And he juggles too?! You really ought to keep him. ;-)


no cane, wheeheeeeeee!


Gimme an M!... Yaaay, Mr. E!

The scarf is nice too. I myself have been unable to knit anything for at least a week.

lisa Co.  Springs

Yipee! Thanks for the update on Mister E! How wonderful to see him on his own two feet again!!

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