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Think "Peaches and Cream" warshrags in front of the air conditioner! It's working for me! (Gorgeous photos, BTW.)


Beautiful photos as always! Can't say I've ever seen a double petunia before-what variety is she? Any hummimgbirds visiting your salvia?


I'll send you some fog. It's downright chilly here. I like the artistry in your daylily pic.


It s just too, too hot for fiber. I tried a little spinning last night and had to give it up. But they say Wednesday will be better.


I've been knitting with cotton and I tried to spin the other day but I couldn't - the fiber kept sticking to ME.


We hide in the basement, the only place cool enough to survive the 104 temps. Thank goodness this season of extreme heat is short.


Lovely garden photos (as usual) :o)

I admit, I'm not doing a whole lot of knitting/spinning during the day. I wait 'til it cools off in the evening (when I go into the bedroom...where the a/c is...) ;o)


Gorgeous photos, as always!

Cindy D

Love the Salvia's fuzziness!!!!


Your flowers are beautiful!

Dorothy B

Now those are the voices of the singers joining the orchestra. We are now into the opera, but will it be a heart rending tragedy or a fabulously dramatic love story? Only Mother Nature knows for sure and she isn't telling yet.


The daylily photo is magnificent... Liz wrote about cooking them up for dinner! I haven't tried it yet, and would spare that lovely model. I am knitting socks and very lightweight cotton shawl, but spinning wool has fallen by the wayside, and the evap. cooler is running up a big electric bill.


Pretty!, and very summery.


I think your camera is channeling Georgia O'Keeffe. Those pictures are, like everything else around here, hot.


Ms. Hemerocallis is my favorite! I love that color.
Move west, ma'am. It's 48 degrees in the Pacific NW as I type this. I'm thinking I need to break out the wool. Of course it's supposed to hit the 90's this weekend.


Pretty. Too hot. *pant pant*


I'm a big fan of garden interlude! You have a beautiful garden interlude. Great pics, great plants!


Gorgeous. There is something so mesmerizing about macro shots of flowers.

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