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great picture. martha's posted dragon fly pictures. they're beautiful but they kind of creep me out.


My JApanese iris have finished blooming. Great shot! It's lily time, all over the place! They loved the rainy weather.


Fabulous pictures! What's up with all the dragon flies around this year anyway?


Great shots - and great dragonfly links! We've got tons here and I've been meaning to spend time figuring out just who they are.


Excellent shot!!


Gorgeous! I have lots of dragonflies this year, too. But no Japanese iris. I wish!


Cara couldn't have captures that shot any better!! WOW. The flower is one of my favorites.


Wow. That's amazing! We have seen a TON lately too. Supergirl is good at spotting them.


Love your O! Photo and subject. It may be inspiring something. As Margene says today: details later. :)


I saw a golden dragonfly yesterday - no camera - no photo - how serenditipitious that you not only caught it but showed the iris too!


What AMAZING photos, Laurie - I love the dragonfly especially. :)


"O" my goodness!

Beth S.

I love dragonflies! I know some people are scared or nervous around them, but I think they're just gorgeous. (However, I faint dead away every time Cassie posts one of her damn spider pictures. Different strokes, etc.)

Such lovely red-violet petals. Doesn't it make you want to go and spin something that color? Silk, maybe? ;-)


Oh wow--aMAZing photos!!


What a great entry!

lisa Co.  Springs

I can see why one might think 'guy.' What a great shot! Japanese irises are my favorites, in fact, I have a set of vases and ginger jars that I bought in Japan that are painted with pink irises.....love them!

Cindy D

The silky purple and the gold dragonfly are such a wonderful contrast...veritable eye candy, Laurie!


That flower is extremely purple. Great bug pic!


What beautiful pictures.


Gorgeous picture! And I'm glad to see you're back on track with the garden alphabet (the dragonfly totally counts).


do japanese iris bloom later, or am i just a poor schmoe who doens't get to see good irises (is that spelled right?)

that is stunning, as well as the dragon fly pic. too cool!


What a gorgeous dragonfly! Silver _and_ gold.


I think I just found a picture to replace the frog-in-the-rose from last year. The dragonfly is amazing.


Random - I saw this and thought of you and Mr. E.



This certainly has been the year of the dragonfly, hasn't it? Maybe all that rain? At any rate, there have been a plethera of them in my garden and just spotted your little gold guy perched on a pinkish mauve daylily yesterday. They are so amazing to watch especially after they've caught a bug to eat. The green ones seem to like to perch on my shoulders or forearms as I dead head my daylilies or water my veggies. Motivated to look for a book on dragonflies, damsels and darners and learn more about them and how to properly identify them. Great post and photography!

Heather R

Beautiful pictures! I love irises- and they are also Blogless Sharon's favorite flower.


Pretty iris!

At first quick read, I thought you'd written that that dragonfly reminded you of a guy you know...uh...I was going to ask to hang around with you :)


That is a gorgeous photo -- very cool!


I remember being amazed as a kid at all the different colors your basic dragonfly came in: gold, red, blue, iridescent green. Strangely, I see fewer of them nowadays, and more fancier models with striped wings. Makes me wonder how many dragonfly species there are. Then again, they've been around since dinosaur days, so they've had lots of time to make lots of different models.

Dorothy B

Wow! I was almost afraid to breathe.


I love dragonflies......my yard is full of them! That is probably the best dragonfly picture I have ever seen!


How did I miss this post earlier this week???

That is no guy - that is a female Slaty Skimmer, Libellula incesta. Slaty Skimmers are very common dragonflies in New England, mostly around ponds and lakes.

For more info [insert commercial plug for my workplace here], try A Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Massachusetts, available at http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/nhesp/nhpubs.htm .

And a couple of great websites with dragonfly photos are http://www.odenews.org/ and http://www.dragonhunter.net/ . Enjoy!

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