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All together now, Ahhh....
I would hire your painter too :-)


You'll be painting around him for sure.


Robins pick the DUMBEST places to build their nests! Sorry to hear that Mr. E is not yet up to stepladder climbing...soon enough!


Anne also had a nest of birds for her N. I'm envious you have them so close to watch. We had swallows in our carport but the grouch next door removed the nest because the babies pooped on his car. B*st*rd. Mr. E is pretty cool and so is your painter!


What a great quality in a painter. I'd hire him, too.


Robins just really tug at my heartstrings. Every day, Mrs. Robin comes and takes a luxurious bath in my birdbath. I don't know where her nest is, but she's like clockwork on her bath.


Some things bear repeating and this is one of them. My cockatiels raised a clutch of babies once (accidental pairing, breeder assured me they were both female). Watching them grow was a hoot! Especially the day the first one left the nest. It wasn't voluntary. Baby 1 was perched on the doorway of the nest box and baby 2 wanted to try sitting there. Boomp! Baby 1 on the floor of the cage.


I'd paint around that family, too. Our pest control guy thinks I am out of my mind. We had a resident spider (banded garden spider variety-very pretty, as spiders go) who built a web all across our kitchen window one year, then had babies. I made the pest guy spray around them all summer and fall. It was on the outside, of course.


Wow, those are some pretty new hatchlings! And that painter's a keeper. Not enough people like that in the world.


We are lucky to have a nest on top of our outside light, which is under our 'back porch' roof, which leads to RR getting dive-bombed when he brings out the trash after dark. HE doesn't think it's funny but Dobby and I line up at the window every night to see how many times he ducks and whether or not he breaks into a run *giggle* (okay I know, I have a twisted sense of humor...)


I love that the painter will come back & paint after the birds are gone!
So cute, with their closed eyes & open beaks...




Awww! What is the name of this painter?


We just lost our painter, so let me know how this guy pans out. Cute birdies!


Awwwww..... too cute.

Robins 1, Etherfolk 0


Beth S.

How very annoying, that they should be so heartbreakingly cute. ;-) What's a softie do to?...

Beth S.

er, "to do"...


We have a recurring nest of chickadees every year in the corner of the gutter above the kitchen window. I've never seen the babies, but I can watch the parents buzz in and out with food. We had a nest in a hanging flower basket one year. I tried to be very nonchalant walking past it and watering it--didn't want to scare the parents, but I could hear the little peeps.

Dorothy B

Birds are so weird when it comes to building their nests.
I would definitely hire that painter. With ethics like that, you wouldn't need to worry about other things being ruined during the process of painting your house.


It's still a wonderful N, even if somewhat recycled. I have found both M and N to be difficult, but N is coming, soon!


New life is so sweet and what a sweet painter to find.

julia fc

And MasonDixon Ann has had birds nesting lately too. Must be Summer.


It makes my heart glad to see that. Maybe I'm just overtired, but new life gets me every time.


Yah, but you can never have too many baby birds in this world, in my humble opinion. :) Very cute picture.

Cindy D

Glad to see that Mr E is up and around saving wildlife!!


That is a great picture! Even more so when you consider Mr. E's method!


:-)) Just what I needed to read today (note:Ed's home!)


Not only would I hire that painter, I may ask you for his name. Our house needs painting in the worst way. (No birds' nests that we know of, but all kinds of other miscellaneous prevent-house-from-just-disintegrating work needs to be done too.)

Oh, and also: awwwwww.


Very cool picture - kudos to Mr E for achieving it under such conditions.


My turn for injured husband. Nothing like yours at ALL but under general today and I'm trying not to stress out.....

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