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That's a wonderful tribute to your mother in law. I hope she gets to read it.


Carole just beat me to it--what a wonderful tribute!


Having a great mother-in-law is one of life's rare treasures. Very nice M choice.


Beautiful post. You're lucky to have her. Glad you had a nice time.


Beautiful post...you have NO idea how fortunate you are! BTW...I've only been to Chicago once, but I loved that view!


You are indeed fortunate, Laurie. I never got along too well with my MIL (if I could go back in time I would try harder). Great post!


I have no MIL experience as mine died before I ever met DH. Your beautiful description is the relationship I would wish for in laws everywhere.

Beth S.

I've been wondering about Mr. E., but clearly he's improved, if he's crutching all over Chicago. Hee. :-)


"M" is also for marvelous post. She sounds like a peach -- so both are lucky to have met each other :-)


What a beautiful tribute to your mother-in-law. How lucky you are to have her!

But you forgot to include the link to her jewelry. :)


I split up with my ex of 4 years. I wanted to loose him and keep the mom-in-law. Didn't work out that way.

What does menu taste like?

Glad to hear Mr. E is gewtting out and about. Was worried about the mope-ies.


Oh, delightful! My MIL has really filled the gap in my life when my own mama died 12 years ago - aren't we the lucky ones! I love that photo, sorta captures her daring spirit. I focused on the word "empire" rather than "small", thinking how very competent and creative she must be - a role model.


What a great post - you are lucky to have such a wonderful MIL :o)

Dorothy B

So glad you have such a great MIL. I am very fortunate in that regard too.
She sounds like lots of fun.


I am blessed with terrific In laws as well. My MIL gifted me with all her sock DPN's as she just doesn't have time to knit anymore. What a wonderful post you wrote and the comments are just as lovely.


You MIL left a comment on my post about you and Mr. E at the hospital here in Utah. She was so sweet to thank me for being there for you when in need. She is truly a treasure of a person and you are one lucky grrl;-)


You are absolutely right that the pairing of terrific husband and MIL are not to be assumed. I am glad, though, that you have both.

And that they have you must make them both happy every day.



Please, pretty please, a link to her jewelry empire???

I reserve comment about my current and previous MIL's. Suffice to say I am very, very glad for you, as it is not always such a positive relationship.

Great news that he's out and about on a crutch!


You will never truly know how lucky you are.

Glad to read that Mr. E is hobbling around.


Wow! I am aspiring to be the kind of MIL that a DIL would feel this way about. What a fabulous tribute. You are both very lucky.


You are so very lucky to have a wonderful MIL. I got the other kind - good thing DH makes up for it.


You are so lucky.

And so is she.


Those of us with great husbands AND great MILs are truly lucky people. Let's see some of her jewelry!


A wonderful, non-botanical homage! ;)


Lovely M! It's my fav of all the ABCalong Ms. I join the envious DILs and vow, like so many, to be a good MIL.


you are a lucky woman! hey, i was just in chicago last weekend :-)


Lovely tribute! I very unfortunately didn't get much time to know my MIL before she died. Yours sounds like a gem.

The Purloined Letter

Ooh, send her our way!

Cindy D

You are indeed lucky! If I can't have a special MIL,I can be a special MIL to my son-in-law!!


That is a lovely tribute to your mother in law. She looks very nice!

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