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Preeeetty (the peacock yarn).

And...chipmunks are just cute. I have fewer objections to feeding them than to feeding squirrels.


Ooh, the yarn looks so pretty!!


Your spinning is beautiful! And the fruit salad looks YUMMY!


Hot, b0thered, and sticky. Definitely don't forget the sticky.

But, those strawberries? They look like they'd melt in your mouth and make a week's worth of sweltering weather worth it!


Strawberries and yarn! Why didn't the English think of that? Clotted cream is so last season! :D

I have a soft spot for chipmunks, I must say, even if they steal my birdseed.


Good lord woman, your spinning makes me embarrassed to even show my feeble attempts at yarn production.

Your chipmucks, however, make me giggle. Love the chippers.


I love that coordinated dinner and WIP! Heh, if that chipster keeps his cheeks that full, he won't be able to get to the feeder for long!


I love a chipmunk.
And you're doing an awful lot for someone who says it's too hot to wool. ;-)


I hope that some of the cool weather that we're getting now spreads some of it's goodness in your direction. It would be a real shame if you couldn't keep spinning such lovely stuff!


Cheeky chippers are pretty appealing. I've got one living under my shed right next to my rabbits. The dang thing tunnels through the under hutch stuff and gobbles up spilled bunny feed. He is now a very fat chipmunk. I hope someday I can get a photo of him, but so far, he's been too fast.

Rachel H

I love the coordinated dinner/WIP. I'm also a little frightened by what my food choices would have to be if I attempted the same right now.

Rachel H

Loverly spinning, by the way!


Your spinning is so beautiful...especailly the bunny crack. You give me something to aspire to...I'm practicing daily. Looks like you're enjoying the same good food that helps me eat anything at all in this heat.

Cindy D

Nicely spun ...both skeins!!! I really like the red knitting project. What yarn and what pattern are you using?

julia fc

Your spinning is ace, girlfriend. Man oh man. I did get about an hour of weeding in yesterday before the skies opened up. What a summer. geez.


Beautious handspun, chica.


I'm getting weary of the heat too. You can only accomplish so much in the air conditioned roon. Lovely job with the bunny crack, I bet it feels wonderful!


Your spinning is beautiful. Yum strawberry scarf. I have Chip 'n Dale here as well, they're cute but a bit of a PITA. Stay cool.


Your spinning looks fantastic! I really love the color of the scarf you are knitting.....yummy!


I LOVE the Persimmon Tree Farm stuff! Any of it. :)

Gotta love those chipmunk cheeks! ;-)


OMG, your spinning is gorgeous! I should get back to the wheel. The last spinning I did was superwash merino, which I was finding difficult -- maybe I should switch to something else for a while.


Let's see: 1 year and 2 months of spinning experience = pretty darn great product.


Hi, I found you through Amazing Lace. I am so envious of your spinning, that looks great! And I love all of your garden picks. Hope it cools down so you can knit and spin again!


Your spinning is fabulous! What's a Yarn Meter?


Hello Ms. Etherknitter. :) Just a little AL pit stop to visit my list neighbors. Hope to see a picture of that Leaf Lace shawl soon! In the mean time stay cool if you can - it'll get better soon, right?


You spin, too?!? Did I know this? Have I been paying attention? OK, I admit I have not been stalking you to the extent of reading all the archives, but somehow I had gathered that Mr. E (you know the guy; he used to have a broken leg) was the spinner, not Ms. E.

Gorgeous skeins, whoever is (are) the spinner(s).

Perhaps I'm paying attention, finally, because I just picked up my first wheel today! That far-off ranting and raving you hear to your west (I think I'm west of you)? That's me, learning to spin. I can only hope I can do as well in a year plus as you have!

lisa Co.  Springs

Gorgeous yarn Laurie!

I have a soft spot for little critters---great picture.


oooohhh that top skein is gorgeous.

I still haven't wrapped my head around grist :-\

The Purloined Letter

Such lovely spinning!


omg, that bunnycrack is gorgeous! i am envious of your chipmunks, we only have squirrels in florida.

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