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Judith in Ottawa

Well done!!

(You can call that peer review if you like.)


OH LAURIE! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!! What a relief! That's just fantastic. YAY!


That's fabulous news, Laurie!! I'm so happy for you!

Diane V.

Happy dance going on over on the West Coast for y'all.

Enjoy your celebration.


woo-hoo!!! are we writing a paper? i'm thinking the new england journal. i have an "in."

Diane E.

Cheers! Happy to hear all's on the mend!


I have no words. Perhaps because I am speechless with joy, but it could be because I am smiling and giggling too hard to talk.



I just burst into tears. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Hooray for Mr. E! Enjoy your celebration! And may the good healing signs continue.


Again, YIPPEE, YAHOO, and WAY TO GO! So happy for you both! Keep thinking boney thoughts!


Rock ON!


Well, that's just damn cool! Good job, Mr. E.


Wonderful news!


Happy happy bone dance!

Lee Ann

My husband took one look at that bottle and said, "Oh, l'ostie!" (Loose translation: lucky you-know-what...)

We both say you deserve every drop of mojo, every drop of beautiful Meursault, and every bit of love we can send your way.


It's the mojo -- woo hoo!!!! Love to Mr. E!


That's the best news I've heard all day. Go Mr. E!

I'm totally down with the recent findings that the prayer thing is bunk. But knitting? That's a totally different kind of mojo. Illogical? So be it.





What wonderful news!! Did you feel that? That's the sound and vibration of happy dance around the blogs.

Alpaca Kath

We will do the happy dance FOR Mr. E. Jumpin' for joy mojo along with knitting mojo. Congrats. PHEW!


Oh, my gosh, that's the best news ever!! Congratulations to you both!


I knew we could do it if we all pulled together! Can I hear a WOO? And also a HOOOOOOOOO!


we are fiberistas, hear us ROAR! i'm so happy, it's good to hear good news!


(Visualize SpiderWomanKnits doing the happy dance while posting)

Yeah!!! I am really happy for you and your man!!! What great news :-) Yeah!!


Ya-fucking-hoo! You just made my day. May more calcium be deposited and bone knitting noted here on out!

Rachel H

Dearheart, this is the most wonderful news! I've just poured myself a wee glass of wine to celebrate with you. I think this calls for something really unique and special though, like, say, a guest post from our patient himself? *ducks and runs, giggling madly and trying not to spill any wine*

Big Hugs.


Well - I don't do wine but dang that is worth a sip or two of Johnny Walker Blue which only comes out for very very special occasions - and this certainly qualifies!!!! Whoo HOO!


Damn straight.
(I knew he could do it. As much as I love knitters, I'm giving Mr. Etherknitter all the credit. Healing fool, that's what he is.)

Caroline M

I so love good news. "No further surgery is anticipated" has just got to be one of the best phrases to hear. I'm off to celebrate with coffee and alpaca and a nice sit in the sun with a spinning wheel.

My husband keeps bringing in the odd bottle of Woolapunda just because of the name (yes it does have a sheep on the label)


What terrific news - what a relief. I know the crocheted bone did the most work - after all, it was in person. But I could be biased, too.


That is wonderful, relieving news, I'm so, so happy for you both! Now just tell him to keep it up!


Aw right! Yeah! Get jiggy!


YAY!!! *happy dance*

Dorothy B

That's is good news to cheer up a crappy morning!!!
So awesome that Mr. E. dosn't need more surgery!
We'll keep sending the mojo so maybe the rest of the healing will go fast.

Sarah HB


Glad Mr. Ether has bone formation!


What great news. It does make you wonder about the power of the collective mind doesn't it :-) It we can help to heal a leg bone what else can we do? World peace next? :-)


Hooray! Mr. E's bones knitted!


There is no better news on the planet!!! Of course we did it and that's just proof of our powers. We DO need to take over the world and make it a better place.


Yay!!! Congrats to Mr. E! After all, we can send out all the knitting mojo we want, but his bones have to be receptive for it to work. Clearly, his bones are good listeners.

Beth S.

Well of COURSE it worked! ;-)

Seriously, though--what GREAT news! I'm so happy for Mr. E. And for you, too. :-) :-) :-) :-)


I am still cable-ing for Mr. E..(I'm new at them I go slow). Major Mojo! Great News!

lisa Co.  Springs

Oh Laurie, that is fantastic news! Thanks for the update!


Most excellent news.


Excellent news! But I'm holding off on the happy dance until Mr. E can do his own! (I will however, raise a glass of wine tonight)>


Wonderful! May the healing continue at a wonderous rate!


Great news!


YAY!!!! Big Hugs to you and Mr. Etherknitter! I'm gettin' all teary over here!


Well, that indeed is the best news I've heard in a long while.


Yeah yeah yeah!!! I will refrain from making bone jokes with regard to Mr. Etherknitter until he's much more mobile :)

Super news!


YEAH! I'm so happy for you both! I think you need more than a bottle of wine to celebrate. ;-)

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