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Ah, wonderful. Of course, that is botanical red; am I right?


absolutely gorgeous. mine are done for the year (wish i could have peonies year round)


That is a gorgeous peony - a tree peony, yes? I've got to stop knitting so much and start expanding the garden, again. There's not much room for new plants.

And you went to Cummington! Darn! I wish I'd met up with you - but I think you went on Saturday, yes? I went Sunday and fell hard for a double-treadle Louet wheel. Mind you, I don't know how to spin but Tom from Abi's Web kindly taught me a little and I'm still drunk on the hormonal haze of it almost a week later, so I might just have to buy the little beauty.

And then next year, I'll probably meet you when we both grab for the same blue-ribbon fleece at the same time!


You should dye yarn that color...

Lee Ann

You should dye wool that colour and spin it...



Pure joy!


She's stunning!


So lush. Is there flower porno :-)



Reading knitblogs (like yours and Norma's) is a pretty good replacement for having a garden sometimes.


That is the most perfect color. I want yarn that color. I want you to be my gardener, I can kill plastic plants.

lisa Co.  Springs



SO pretty! :o)


amazing pictures - I can only imagine what they look like in person. (and I can see how Georgia O'Keefe found her inspiration in some similarly shaped flowers...)

It's pouring here, we're on day two of constant drenching showers. I hope your plants soaked it up!


That flower is amazing. I think we used to have a peony plant, a legacy of the former owners. Of course we don't have it any more: Lorette, I could give you a run for your money. That's why I only grow mint. (I don't grow it, of course, it grows. I put it in the ground 11 years ago, and I don't stand too close.)

Beth S.

Fragrant? It might just be the perfect flower, if it were.

Dorothy B

Now the orchestra comes to a rising cresendo.
It would be so awesome to just sit and breathe in the beauty in a garden like yours.

Dipsy D.

I can't believe how gorgeous this flower is - thanks for sharing these pics!

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