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"dangling organs of plant pleasure", indeed. I love the way you write, lady. :)


Ewwww, a tick! I have never had the pleasure...only had them on dogs when we were kids, and my brother did the honors of removing them.


Aren't ticks just the grossest things? I can find no purpose for them in our world.

Liz Cadorette

AIEEE for ticks! EWEWEW. So glad your yard has been cleared for your gardening pleasure.

Speaking of which, we have a game we play in a couple of online forums I frequent, and I automatically played in my head when I read your entry -- you said, "Dangling Organs of Plant Pleasure", and I immediately thought, "I am SO naming my band that!" :)


This has been the worst year for ticks! I walked out to my car from work the other night, got in my car, sat down, and noticed one on my leg. Must have blown right into the parking lot. I have an irrational fear of Lyme disease.


I hate ticks. Hate 'em hate 'em hate 'em. I wouldn't be over it either.

But. You gotta like bulbs that are "rodent proof."


Ugh, ticks!!

If you haven't heard of them, may I recommend "Ticked Off"? Little plastic "spoons" that are wonderful for getting off ticks. Chappy and I swear by them, and I keep them all over the house, in the car, in my purse . . . (www.tickedoff.com)

The colors in that sock are just so pretty....

Beth S.

I'd have a great big freakout about a tick, too. Ugh!

Is the scarf going to be blocked (the stretchy kind of blocking, I mean), or worn as-is? I can see how it might go either way.


That is a very cool pattern on the scarf!

I have scads of Anne - I should really knit something with it, shouldn't I??


The picture of the Carolina Silverbell took away all thoughts of ticks. It's so delicate and sweet.


Mm, silverbells. They're lovely trees. The miscellaneous flowers look like what the gardeners here call snowdrops, except for the spots at the ends of the petals...

Dorothy B

Ick a tick. I hate them. They share the top spot for most hated bugs with Chinese Long Horned Beetles. We get infestations of the latter every five years although there are always a few around and recently we've seen an increase in the number of ticks found in the area due to increasing number of deer. I'm beginning to hate deer too. Beautiful pests, they are.
I love those little green tipped flowers. I wonder if they would survive in Zone 2-3? I just may try them out even if just as an annual.


a ferret with alopecia, dangling organs of plant pleasure....what is going on in there, I want to know?

And what did you do with these inspired verbal bon-bons pre-blog?


Love the image of a ferret with alopecia!! And I remember all too well all those times my mother's dogs brought those disgusting icky horrid yucky gawdawful blood suckers into my skin. I sympathize with your discovery and reaction!


I am totally tick phobic. My older one is playing softball and the fields are so buggy at game time -- yuck! Scarf looks marvy - so does your garden. Have fun on Sat. -- I will be missing you!


I am a pro at tick removal from the husband's days as a mountain biker. Just sayin'.


Leucojum aestivum is a February-March flower in gardens all over Berkeley. I am not tick-phobic and am very good at removing them, but I was so grossed out when I found one on myself. It took a lot out of me to remain composed long enough to remove it from my neck while my husband snored away unawares.


It took forever to get a deer tick off me a couple weeks ago. Damned parasites - what happened to humans being the rulers of the universe, and thus above such riff-raff as ticks?

I suspect bell-shaped flowers are adapted to pollination by bumblebees, or their equivalent in their place of origin. At least, I remember seeing bumblebees visiting foxgloves last summer; that's the extent of my data to offer at this point.

I wish I had gone to the New Hampshire fiber fest: I've never been. I am going, however, to the Massachusetts Sheep and Wool Fair in Cummington this Sunday, joy-oh-jo! Not that I need any more yarn after my visit to WEBS last weekend...


Those Carolina silverbells are the prettiest things ever. So are the Anne socks.
I've always joked with my team members that if you have 20 patients to see, it will take all day to see them. If you have 10 patients to see, it still takes all day to see them. I don't understand this, but it works. I never get home any earlier on the "slow" days.


All this rampant plant sex may be pretty to look at, but it is making me sneeze. (Either that or I have an unusually persistent cold, but I blame the pollen.)

My cats bring in loads of ticks. They do seem like a watertight argument against special creation.


Beautiful garden photos! Sorry to hear of a tick invasion - is your area worried about Lyme disease (husband has had this vaccine, as he works in the woods, and still got a nasty-looking owie from removing a tick last week).


If I SEE a tick, walking on my floor, I have to take a shower or I get all creepy.

That Anne yarn is beautiful, but those Carolina Silverbells are TO DIE FOR!!!

I must, now, search endlessly for one of those trees. Maybe find a place to plant it, first! LOL!

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