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Wishing a full healing to Mr Etherknitter's leg.
The afghan is beautiful, you did a wonderfull job.


Glad to help . . . knitted healing vibes can be powerful things!! I bet your house feels extra warm and cozy, too, with all that good, wool energy, huh? Pity about the buzzing noises . . . hope it's not interfering with your radio reception!

The afghan looks beautiful, as does the spinning. There's obviously some mojo going on there . . . and, have fun in MD!


Sending some hope AND some prayers your way. Take good care.

Rachel H

Just tell me where my wine glass, my 'Mr. E. bone knitting mojo sock' and I should be on Friday night.


The afghan looks AWESOME -- congratulations! The spinning is beautiful and I've noted your lesson. Have a blast this weekend.


The Red Sox hat is definitely a great fashion accessory! I can't believe I'm moving to a city where a team can win the division with a less than .500 average. Tragic.

Have a great trip!

Lee Ann

I so wish I could bring my wine glass and my sock and my not one but two gifts of Wensleydale. And yes, Claudia is always right. Annoying, isn't it?

But here I sit, brokenhearted (and I don't have the guts to publicly finish that rhyme but if you grew up when I grew up, you know how it ends). I'm staying home to prepare my family and my head for the Rather Large Spate of Rottenness. Mr. E., I feel for you.

Love to both of you!


The afghan is done! How fantastic! Have a blast at Maryland. NH next week?


Will you still be there on Sunday? I'm can't get there until Sunday around noon (have to work on Saturday), I'd love to meet if you'll still be there!

I've been doing finishing for the shop, not knitting, but I'm still sending vibes!!

julia fc

So glad you're getting some time to be. He'll be fine, and you need some fiberlicious happiness for yourself.


Grow bone GROW! Where are you staying? I could use some red wine and I'll tactfully ignore the cap.


Sorry if there was a loud, annoying crackle in the buzzing tonight... I sent a wallop of crazy mojo by finishing up the crazy-ghan. ;) I'm putting a preliminary photo up now, and hope to get a better one tomorrow.


Still in awe of that afghan...13 balls of brushed alpaca...holy cow. But that yarn! My god, woman! I can't believe that's even the same stuff.


Lovely Afghan, it looks really cosy. Have a good time with that bottle of wine :-) I would join you but it,s rather a long way away.....


Go Sox! I'm there in spirit and also praying with every stitch of every knit for good bones.
The spun yarn is fabulous...no one could know what straw it started as because you have turned it into gold!


sending healing and knitting thoughts to mr etherknitter -- thoughts that his bones start knitting together faster that is.

Have a ball in Md wish I were going....


Have a ball in Maryland- can't wait to see your acquisitions.

Gorgeous afghan.


I won't be around the hotel on Friday--but the red wine makes me wish I could be--but I will be at the festival on Saturday. See you then!

Beth S.

Oh, I SO wish I were going! I'm aiming for Rhinebeck, though.

You knit an entire afghan since The Accident? Wow. Talk about knitting as prayer/meditation... this is one of the best examples I've ever seen.


If you're still there on Sunday, I'll keep an eye out for the Red Sox hat.
Lovely blanket.
I hope Mr. Ether's bones are listening to the vibes of the blogs.


Have a great time! Whatever you do, don't spill the red wine on the lovely new white afghan. Happy bone thoughts to Mr E!


Terrific afghan. Have fun in MD. "what the bones know"

Dorothy B

I'll wave a wine glass from up here, and send a few more healing prayers Mr. E's way.

Cindy D

May Mr. E's bone healing be speedy!!! Take in all that Maryland has to offer so I can live vicariously.


The afghan is lovely! As was Mr Etherknitter's poem. :)


I can't go to Maryland either, but Carole and I have some kind of Mr. E-ous vibration going. Here's a wave of knitterly healing headed his way.


Tell me about MSW!!!! Hope you guys are hanging in okay.


I can't wait to hear about your MDS$W purchases. :)

lisa Co.  Springs

First: hearty, warm, bone knitting thoughts to Mr. E! I am sending positive enrgy your way every day.

Second: Your handspun in Beautiful!! I would never be able to tell it gave you such grief. I can now speak from experience and say, it's just not as easy as it looks. I am so, so impressed.


I really want to see the haul. Spill.


hey, i know i'm a little late on this, but if you want to make your boy feel better about long term healing process i can take pics of my boy's leg and send them to you. (it was mortered about 1.5 years ago. looks pretty good now even if there is no fibula anymore). please email me if you think it'd help.



oops. wrong url. sorry.

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