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Beautiful photo of pretty perky posies!


Ms. Laurie, those are some happy looking flowers. :)


Violas and JJU's were some of the flowers I bred in Montana. I miss them! Thanks for the pic and the memory.


I love Johnny Jump-ups, especially when they're scattered through the yard.


They're lovely!


They're beautiful! And I love you favorite wine and favorite flower philosophy.

Lee Ann

That is my favourite flower, mainly because they sprung up all over our yard when I was a kid, and I would literally cry when my dad would mow them away with the lawn...

Thanks for a photo that really makes me smile.


you must have such a beautiful garden.


JJU's are just the CUTEST flowers!


Oh, I feel the same way -- whatever is in bloom right now!


Your Johnny's are so vibrant. We have a few yellow and purple that come back each spring but the color in yours is so shockingly happy! They look like sweet, smiling faces.


Haha, that was my "J," too, only mine aren't yet blooming in the garden so I had to use a photo from last year! I do love how they "jump up" all over the garden. Very pretty.

Dorothy B

Johnny Jump Up's, Buttercups, Daisy's, Forget-me-not's and Dandelions are my favourite flowers. Hmmm... I think I may have a thing for bright happy little flowers that don't care if I'm a lazy gardener! ;-)

Your JJU's are gorgeous. I may have to go find a yard to steal some from so I can have them too!


I LOVE that mentality! What ever is in my glass or garden. I LIKE that!! LOL



. those are gorgeous! i'll be posting flower pictures to my blog this evening as well, but they won't match my j, lol.


Lovely cheery flowers. We called them Heart's Ease where I grew up.

Cindy D

I needed to see those Johnny Jump-ups today!


Oh, gosh, they're even more stunning this year than last!


Oh! So pretty! The pattern inside reminds me of the lacing on a butterfly's wings. What lovely flowers - they brought a smile to my face here on this dreary grey day in Seattle. Thank you!


Well, the question I keep meaning to ask you is how you learned so much about wine. :-)
I've always loved the name "johnny-jump-ups." And they're so cute.


de-lurking to say, love the photo! Johnny jump ups always remind me of my Grandma. We used to pick them at her house. She always found a little vase for us.

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