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The bone is fantastic! Great purchases -- all of them. Did the sneakers survive?


sneakers! yeah i told joe to wear boots, but did he listen to me? noooooooo.

i love the bone picture. it's awesome!


Love the bone mojo picture - it has to help - tell Mr. E. to hold it close day and night so it can work it's magic.

off to check out Dave's blog to see the weather


That bone is awesome. I can see some more randomized-control studies in the future. Knit vs. crochet. Wool vs. cotton vs. acrylic. Stuffed with fleece v. polyfil. The possibilities . . .


Oh, the bone is divine! Do you have combs and how long is the alpaca's staple??? Which Hyrna?


That bone is da bomb. Perfect, spectacular.

(Sorry you got rained on.)


Thanks again for your enabling, err, help, with the fleece! So much fun to shop with YOU.

Rachel H

That bone is fabulous. So glad you were able to satisfy your alpaca fleece longings.

Beth S.

A crocheted bone. Oh, that wild and crazy Maryse! :-)


It was so wonderful to meet you the other day, I'm so glad I got to. Although I thought my cold chapped hands would never recover.

Ingrid is wonderful isn't she? I love buying from her, it's such a pleasant experience. And she'll let you stop by her little farm anytime!

I too fell victim to the alpaca fleece, I got a black one, as true a black as I could find.


Ahhh, you are fully fleeced. I knew it slope was slippery! All that rain doesn't make for too much fun but the fiber and bloggers would!


The fleece sounds wonderful. Hope your toes are toasty and that the bone does the trick (what an awesome gift!). Was great to meet you.


It was so nice to finally meet you rain, fiber and all-I had a ball! Sneakers? Mine were drenched including the"squish" and still haven't dried out yet. I left after some of my toes were numb and they hurt- couldn't find you all after fried dough with Norma so grabbed my Bosworth midi, swift, ball winder and headed out.

That alpaca fiber was so soft....a wheel is definitely going to have to work it's way into my life soon.

Hope you are dry at home.


It was a good day, wasn't it? So THERE Mother Nature, we are impervious to your distractions - you can NOT keep us from our friends.

That Felicia is a beautiful girl, too. Did you keep a little, just to tide you over, or did you hand the whole thing to Still River?


Getting an opportunity to chat with you certainly was one of the festival highlights for me! :)


Sneakers are definitely no-good-very-bad in floods of mud.
Great picture of the bone. I hope Mr. E.'s inner bone is listening up.
Looking forward to the alpaca shots. ;-)


I'm lusting over that roving; it's beautiful.

lisa Co.  Springs

I'm so glad you had a good time and came home with wonderful offerings. Let me know what you think of the alpaca....I'm in need of some GOOD roving to practice on.


:-) A good weekend. Love the bone (how not?) looking forward to spun-from-locks alpaca pictures.


That's such a Flintstones bone! Hope the energy poured into its creation goes straight to Mr. E!

Dorothy B

Like the bone! Great work. Sounds and looks like you had a great time enablers and temptations that seem to sneak away with you!


That bone rocks! Hopefully it is inspiring Mr Etherknitter to grow him some legbone...


HI, I'd heard something about Mr. Etherknitter having trouble building bone. Too much caffeine consumption can compromise your bodies ability to build calcium. Sad, but true. Happened to someone I know. He's cut down on his quadruple lattes. hope the Mr. gets better soon.


That is a kick ass bone, right there. Maryse is AWESOME!

Cindy D

May the bone do the healing thing for Mr. E. The NHS&W added to your Alpaca stash I see. Luckily a wedding kept me from stash enhancement this year!


Sneakers?! I could say something about your fiber-addled mind, but I must confess that I opted not to change from my hiking boots to my Muck boots because it would have delayed me getting through the gates by another 30 seconds. It didn't help the 'paca folks that getting to them was rather like swimming the English Channel.

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