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Beth S.

Lilacs, check!
Peonies, check!
Wisteria, check! (I let one small one live)

Let's go, go, go! :-)


Ah...just when you think it will never come...spring brings forth.


I love your garden! I remember from last year - I can't wait to see all that blooms.


Gorgeous, honey!


I love the Japanese maple picture. It's like it has its earrings on.


I adore lilacs. And wisterias are pretty neat too.
Beautiful pictures.


Oh, I love spring in blogland... Thanks for your great pics. Best wishes to your hubby, too.


As pretty as the pictures are, I love the words you chose - popcorn season of gardening, Queen of green, acquiring undergarments. Wonderful words!!


My lilacs look just like yours. Maybe I'm doing something right after all.


"The Queen of Green puts on her prom dress", what a great description! And lovely flower pictures, as usual!


I have quite a few sweet birch trees too and love their catkins hanging from the tips of the branches dancing in the breeze. I cut a few to bring inside yesterday for my mother and was treated to a large amount of pollen on the counter when I bumped the vase. It looked like powdered paint from my grammar school years that we'd add water to. Beautiful photographs.


A perfect metaphor. Beautiful writing...as befits the flowers you show.

Dorothy B

Beautiful. I can hear it now, it's like an orchestra in the pit just warming up before the opera begins. Soon your garden will be in full song.


I have two tree peonies that are tantalizing me with buds. One has five (FIVE!) and one has two - for the first time since I planted it three years ago. I don't even remember what color it is, I can't wait! ;o)


What a beautifully poetic "I" post! And your photos are tops too. My wisteria has barely put out leaves, the spring was so wet and late this year, and the lilacs are in tight bud stage, but things are really accelerating. I will be back for more pictures!


Aah...how nice to meet another spinning-gardening-blogger, and revel in your gorgeous photos and beautiful garden poetry. I'm inspired to go take pictures of my garden now, thanks!

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