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I once snagged a 16-pound prize-winning Coopworth at Monterey. The stuff of dreams. You will love yours!


J-E-A-L-O-U-S! But I have been spinning all weekend, so I was with you in spirit. Sweet Dreams!


I *totally* know that view from the couch. :)

Mike asked me, a little fearfully this morning, about where we would store fleeces when they came into our house. Poor man, at least he knows what's *probably* inevitable. ;)

The fleece that you and Carole split was really gorgeous though (she showed me the lock that she kept). I am terribly jealous!


I'm with Cara . . . j.e.a.l.o.u.s! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, though . . . not to mention profitable!!


Excellent summation! Your photo of the fleece makes me want it NOW! And, Greg of Still River look at me and said, I knew you'd buy a fleece today. Definitely makes me nervous! *mwah*


I enjoyed meeting you at last, albeit briefly.
And that fleece looks fabulous. I'm glad I missed the fleece sale, it could have been dangerous!

Beth S.

Fleece envy. Yep. That's me in the corner, looking green.


It was great to see you at Cummington! It was a beautiful day, with beautiful yarn/fiber, and lovely bloggers. What could have been better? :-)


So glad you all had a great time.

Bearpoop? I'm from out west, is this like chicken and waffles or moon pies or maybe rocky mountain oysters?


I missed you and the bearpoop most of all. :)


I'm so glad you braved sleep deprivation to be there. It was wonderful.

About the enabling? Heh. There's a bunch of you who are just like rolling off a log, I'm telling you, where's the challenge any more?


oooh, nice fleece! Coopworth is my fave, makes for dreamy spinning. Who's the shepherd?


Happy alpaca dreams.
We just returned from an alpaca shearing (we helped!).Smith caught the spit from an angry llama. I didn't get a fleece but had a darn good buffalo burger. Rest well and let's see the fleece after processing!


I was SO sorry to miss Cummington and all you guys, but I did get to kiss my darling, now-two-year-old Carina (something she would not allow last trip out) and got and gave hugs to and from Margene and Susan for you. We left PC in SNOW and 35 degree temps! Glad to be back at sea level.


Happy spiniversary! The fleece looks loverly. I want to sink my fingers right into the picture on the computer.


It was more than good.

Lee Ann

I keep sighing...makes it hard to comment :-) Wish I'd been there.


Ohhhh...that fleece is gorgeous! Sounds like a good weekend was had by all (how not?). Happy spiniversary too!


The fleece looks heavenly. Sounds like a fabulous time!


Even exhausted, you were a wonderful traveling companion! Thanks for coming with!

Dorothy B

Looks like fun. Maybe someday.


Um, bearpoop?

But that fleece is the most gorgeous one I've seen. So shiny & soft & luscious. Mm, mm.

lisa Co.  Springs

OOOO, I just read an article in Spin-Off about Coopworth. It looks yummy!

Got my wheel, and it's on to Estes!


Glad you had such a great time and found a beautiful fleece ... sleep will be all that much sweeeter.

Caroline M

I keep coming back just to look at the sheen on that fleece. The limitless possibilities of 6lb of fleece!

Diane E.

Enjoyed talking with you Sat. It was a really nice way to start a long weekend.
Diane E.


It sounds like a fabulous time and the dream-edge only enhanced it, from what I can tell.


Always glad to be of help.


Rachel H

Visibly malleable. Personally, I found it a nice state to be in at a fibre festival. This one sounds like a whole lot of fun coz of the extra people time everyone appears to have had. Each time I read a new post about it I hear wistful sighs floating about the room. All coming from me. (oh, wait, did you hear that? yep. another one)


I covet your fleece! Sounds like a great day!

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