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Cindy D

How upsetting to learn about the lacking bone formation. I am sending my collective energies to Mr. Etherknitter so that it will stimulate his bone cells. These cells need to know they have no choice but to do their healing!!!!

Your glovettes are wonderful! I have that pattern and it's on my list to knit. What yarn did you use?


Heavy Sigh. I too am sending all of my most productive energy to Mr. E. Now, we *have* to track down that alpaca; it's a must. And, yea, Paypal is completely evil and way to quick for us "what did I just do?!?" folk.


Sorry the news isn't what you would like. I'm still thinking of Mr. E and a fabulous recovery. Surely somehow all of our positive thoughts will do the trick!
Have a great weekend.


Maybe the bone will show up all of a sudden, a surge of growth. My bedroom is decorated with coffee stains...you are not alone.


Hepatica was always my favorite wildflower growing up--not because of the flowers, but because of the leaves. Couldn't tell you why now.

I'm very sorry to hear about the lack of new bone. Might a massive infusion of calcium in the form of ice cream help?


Just think of all the time you'll save tomorrow with all the airborn caffine particles you just spread. (?)

Trouble comes in 3's your due for a good turn. Thinking of you and pondering shipping non-spill travel mugs,


Oh hon. I'm really sorry about the news. That just sucks, and I know you were really hoping for better. It sounds like throwing coffee on the floor is a relatively good reaction, though I expect it wasn't on purpose.

I'm glad the yarn shopping is helping. It seems utterly sane to me. And I blame Teresa too about that Am Kamin swatch (which I have yet to touch but we don't need me loose on ebay looking for discontinued Rowan right now, let me tell you). Why do they always discontinue the good stuff, huh?

Hang in there. You know you got lots of shoulders out here to cry on, and you know I've been the tender to the bedridden myself. It's a hard job. Take care of yourself.


Oh yuck. I'm so sorry. I'm keeping you in my thoughts for happier times ahead!


Yeah, you deserve some yarn splurges. So sorry about the crappy news. Wishes for better times to come.


There just isn't much to say that makes that lack of healing better, but I am thinking of both of you. You do indeed deserve the yarn splurges.
When we picked our master suite carpet last summer, we matched it as best we could to coffee and wine stains, as well as cat puke.
Are you planning on knitting Am Kamin? I bought the pattern book, but am not sure I have the nerve to knit something in a foreign language.


you fully deserve a yarn binge , retail therapy :-). Healing thoughts winging you way


I like Jinxsa's idea about the airborne caffeine particles.
Good luck to you and Mr. Etherknitter. I'm sorry the news is bad right now.

Bookish Wendy

Oh man, that's stinky news. Too bad we don't know Harry Potter...they have bone growing spells.

If you need help in the garden just holler. It's one of my favorite things to do and well, our paved paradise doesn't have one. You could adopt me for a day. I promise to make you laugh at LEAST once. Maybe twice if I'm feeling particularly crazy.

lisa Co.  Springs

Bummer, what is the plan??

What beautiful additions to the stash though. I think one should always temper bad news with retail therapy, don't you?


So sorry about the crappy news. I think a liberal application of ice cream couldn't hurt either of you.

Beth S.

Get Mr. Etherknitter a bottle of Skele-Gro, quick! How disappointing--I don't understand exactly what the medical explanation is, but I guess it means the break is not healing quite the way it should. And that sucks.

On the bright side (there always is one) your glovelets are wonderful--such nice even stitches!--and Claudia can probably tell you exactly how to get coffee stains out of your white carpeting.


Want to borrow my new steamer cleaner?

The bone news bites.


Oh, man....now I really feel awful! (I must say that it took a very long time with my second broken foot...maybe it just needs a bit more healing of everything else before the bone growth can kick in?) You know everyone is thinking very bone-y thoughts for you...don't get too discouraged.

Caroline M

I'm sorry to hear that the news isn't as good as either of you would want it to be, obviously our collective thoughts for a speedy recovery aren't hitting the spot. Maybe I should spend more time visualising bone formation instead of attempting to visualise what roving A would look like plied with B or C (not that I'm any good at that either)
I'd be ok with the coffee on the carpet scenario as we've been planning to replace it since we moved in 15 years ago and it would give me the push I need to get it ripped up.

My last knitting bag was made from felted Magpie, it weighed a ton and will last for ever.


Beautiful yarn and glovelets!
I'm so sorry that Mr. Etherknitter's recovery isn't progressing as quickly as we all hoped. Hang in there...I hope things improve soon. As for the spilled coffee on the white carpet -- ooh, I winced at that one.


You know you aren't supposed to block handwarmers while wearing them, right? Just kidding! ;)

Perhaps it's time to dye the bedroom carpet random browns? (A little tea here... a little coffee there..)

I'm sorry Mr Etherknitter isn't healing faster! Hugs to you both!


My dear, iI have only two things to say:

1)That Wendy is a big fat liar, she's far more likely to make you think you've cracked a rib from all the laughing.

2)It's blatantly obvious to me that what we need I big 'ol dose of knitting MOJO. We shall have to organize us a big Get Well Mr. Etherknitter day in blogland. It can't fail.

Y'all, start spreading the word. May 1st!


Delurking to say I'm so sorry about Mr. Etherknitter's lack of bone formation. Wishing you both the very best and hope there will be better news with the next set of films.

Does the mazus reptans have an invading habit like the ajuga reptans? Very pretty flower. Where did you get it?


Actually, my thoughts were more like "I'm so sorry it's THEM."



hmmmmmmm, i wonder if there's a patron saint for broken bones? or maybe st christopher is best? (i'm not catholic, but what other higher power can you appeal to, if you can't find a saint, lol?)

nice, nice yarn. at least you're close enough to go to maryland. i'm not, sigh.


i'm sorry about the bad bone news. after the coffee spill on top of that, you're both bound for some good karma coming your way.


I'm so sorry to hear that your week has been so rotten and that the bone news has not been good. I agree with Mamacate, throwing coffee on the floor (and buying yarn right before Maryland) does indeed seem like a reasonable response. Best wishes to you both and here's hoping you'll hear better news soon!

Dorothy B

I too seem to throw coffee/tea/grape juice/chocolate milk ... around after I get bad news. Prayers are continuing for Mr. E.


OK, so I'm probably teaching grandmothers to suck eggs here, but....

You do know that ibuprofen (and other NSAIDS) has been implicated in reducing or stopping bone healing, don't you? I've no idea where the research is currently, as I've been out the lab for several years now, but it's something to consider.

I do hope things improve soon. Or possibly sooner.


I'm so sorry the news is so discouraging, I'm sending big cyber hugs and bone-forming vibes your way! I'm no Harry Potter, but we do what we can, no? Thinking of you...


So add me to those contributing generously to the healing collective. I hope you get better news soon!


I distinctly remember being cranky and generally pissed last year when my bones were not obviously healing by 6 weeks, probably because when I cracked my wrist in 7th grade (tripping over my lacrosse stick; I gave up team sports after that) and when I cracked my collarbone in 2nd grade (hey, all I was doing was rolling down out of standing on my head; I don't know why it happened), the bones healed completely in 6 weeks.

Here's my completely unmedical explanation: Broken bones are not the same as cracked bones. Badly broken bones are not the same as broken bones. They take longer to heal.

Adults are not the same as children (I feel pretty sure that this hypothesis has indeed been substantiated by considerable research). Adult bones do not heal at the same rate as children's bones (well, it makes sense to me).

This may be the only time in Mr. E's entire adult life when time is not flashing by at the speed of light. Enjoy it while it lasts. I'm still nostalgic for last spring, when I'd hobble outside, prop up my broken leg, and knit away in the warm sunshine, listening to every bird sing and watching every leaf unfurl in the warmth.


So sorry to hear about Mr. E. and the bones. And while I second the Skele-Gro concept, my favorite HP medical moment is when Mrs. Weasley gets really upset at Mr. Weasley for sewing himself together. With stitches.

May your knit stitches help the bones knit together. Surely more yarn will help all the knitting mojo in the house, right?


Well, the flower is beautiful, anyway. I am thinking bony thoughts for Mr. E.


News like that can knock your (collective) spirit back into the can...we're all still pulling for you both...hang in there...

Is there something we can do for Mr. E? Does he need a challenge? Does he need toe covers? Does he need a large amount of knitterly "spam" to take his mind off the toughness of life at the moment? (We could do that...we could seriously do that...can you imagine?).


Okay, you get all my energy, such as it is. Good luck!!

Teresa C

Happy to enable! I am knitting in support of Mr. Ether's bone today. Off to grab my needles and tea. And not one bit of sock yarn (heehee, for the moment anyway).



I'll be thinking of Mr. Etherknitter as I knit today! GROW!


Oh dear.....after reading Margene's blog, I hurried over here. I will be sending all of my good Karma to you and Mr Etherknit.....I second Cara, I will be thinking of you both when I am kniting today.

Love the Eric gloveletts. I have a pair that I wear all the time.........you will enjoy having them!


I'm so sorry about the bad news. I will keep you and Mr. Etherknitter in my thoughts.

Lee Ann

I've been mired in my own little world up here, and just read about poor Mr. Etherknitter. Or Mr. Laurie, as I like to call him.

I had to have electrical bone stimulation, and all I can say is I think I'd need to be on the good side of a wine tasting to do it again. It was on the ankles, for two cracked shins, and I thought I would die from the tickle torture. But it worked. Here's hoping the docs find a solution for Poor Mr. Laurie's bones. Meanwhile...rugs can be cleaned. Even after a really long time not realising that one has...uh...redecorated. Ask me how I know.

Many hugs to you both!

Melissa G

Delurking here: Piezoelectrical stimulation? Toe wiggling? Teach Mr. Etherknitter to knit himself? Please know you both have my best healing thoughts (and as a DVM I'm pretty good with that).


Good thoughts heading in Mr. E's direction.

Unfortunately my only solution to coffee stains is to move house. Not recommended really.


Besides the electrical stimulation, there was some work done with tiny magnets to speed bone healing.


Oi! Bones! Gerronwi'it!


Sending Potent Chaotic Healing Energy(tm) to Mr Etherknitter. Along with a bottle of Bone Gro from Harry Potter...


I totally agree about Sweet Georgia yarns -- I finally gave in and special ordered from her. I hear they're on their way ...

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