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Must. Have. One. of those!


Let me get this straight - you put your unplied yarn on new bobbins to free up your spinning bobbins? Oh crap. Maybe I shouldn't go to Maryland after all.


Ok -- I'm not getting this (yet), but know that you'll enlighten me at the appropriate time :-)


good way to keep hubby busy :D


Grreat Gadget!!

Rachel H

Nifty gadget indeed. But what've you got hiding under the surgical drapes there?


You ARE keeping him busy. It seems with spinning you need to collect as many gadgets as you do fleece and roving. Should I rethink my wheel envy?


I need one of those, or at least the spools. Good get!


Oh...I lied to M, I really lied to him. It's not my fault I lied to him before I read your post. I told him I had everything I need in the spinning/crochet room for years. Everything, I told him. Now I want one of those Schacht bobbin winders. It's gorgeous. Gosh, I hate to break it to him that I lied to him.


Great "G"! This gadget is elegant, efficient, and beautiful to look at as well; maybe right in the center of the dining room table as an artpiece when not in use; trying not to have gadget envy. I loved the perfect little poem too.


Eat many desserts without having dinner? I'm yer girl for advice on that!

Great fun. Enjoy. And the poem: perfect!


hmm, i have an ugly metal one. now i am lusting after the wooden winder ;-0


Fun! Hmm, sounds like there are advantages to having Mr Etherknitter laid up, eh?


I love your poem.


Wool toys are better than dessert any day. Taste great. Less filling.

Beth S.

That is a really nice-looking gadget. Seriously, I know it's just an auxiliary tool, but it has plenty of aesthetic appeal all on its own.


Ooooh...I love all the neat toys that come with a love of wool!


You know, my husband has that same job whenever I have to wind a hank of yarn into a ball (no ball winder.) So glad that you found your new gadget!


Or, you could've just bought more wheel bobbins -- which I admit was my solution.

I like your solution too.


Days of gestation trying to give a gripping g-laden comment to your glorious, groovy, gyrating gadget has me gnashing and grinding my teeth.
Your "E" entry was easy, and "F" was fun - both comments rolled off the keyboard and practically wrote themselves.
Gak. Gads. Grumble.
Giant garlic-reeking, galavanting gremlins get groundhog garden guarding duty...
No, I haven't started drinking again. Why do you ask?

lisa Co.  Springs

What a great gadget, will it aid in plying as well?


Thank you so much for visiting my blog & your kind comments! I'm feeling revitalized. :) Your gadget is very cool. I'm not a spinner but I just replaced my old plastic/metal swift w/ a wooden one and am very pleased with wooden fiber-related gadgets that whirl around!!


Just letting you know I'm still thinking of you and your hubby, and hoping the healing is proceeding rapidly and well. :)


Hi! remember me? (It's okay if you don't.. but to jog your memory, I put in a comment for your husband's birthday and wishing him a quick and full recovery from his skiing injury. Empathised heartily as I'd strained my knee on the slopes on Superbowl Sunday and was finding it a real challenge to get around and do normal things.)

Turns out I was wrong!! I'm still thanking my lucky stars that it wasn't any worse, but "wasn't any worse" is actually quite a bit worse than I initially thought.

It turns out I've completely ruptured my ACL. Completely. Gone. Destroyed. No more.

Explains the bit of pain I've been having!

So I get reconstructive surgery soon, as adapting to a truly sedentary lifestyle would be well beyond my capabilities.

I do hope this hasn't been an intrusion for you! You were so very kind with your response to my initial comment, and are definitely one of the people I thought of notifying when I got my MRI results yesterday.

All said, though, I'm in a pretty good mood about it. It's a pretty decent procedure with a good success rate (I hear), and I haven't done any other major damage to the other ligaments or cartilage, etc. .. I do have a bit of a "bone bruise" though. .. but no apparent cracks.



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