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Happy, Happy Birthday to Mr. E. And to new beginnings!


I'm so glad you're safely HOME. That alone has to help him (and you) feel better. Stupid airlines/wheelchair service, though! I'm still sending healing vibes your way, and hope Monday's check-up brings you good news!


And, of course, happy birthday! (How'd I forget to say that?)

Sarah HB

Love the blue color of that yarn...ooohhh and nice needles.

I hope Mr. Ether continues to improve!


So glad you are safely home. Happy Birthday to Mr. E. and it will always be a remembered BD. I am sure you will spend some very precious time together in the next while. Happy Healing! Isn't Margene a SWEETY?


I'm so glad you're home; I hope you both feel as much better to be there too.

I'm sending United stupid-poopy-head energies for their idiocy.

Once I've purged those, I'll send good thoughts your way.

Happy Birthday to Mr. Etherknitter. And wishing many more for you both.


The yarn looks a little Robin's Egg Blue to me, a perfect sign of spring and better things to come. Happiest Birthday wishes to Mr. E.


F'g UA! I'm waiting for a positive story regarding that one. Have a Happy B'day at home, resting and secure in the goods thoughts of all of us.


So happy you're home, that must be very reassuring! Happy birthday to Mr. E and all hopes for a quick recovery!


What a way to start a year! Happy Birthday to Mr. E and I've got all my needles crossed for good news on Monday. I was talking to Margene the other day and we were both commenting on how good it must be for you both to be home. Nothing like being among your stuff to lift your spirits, no matter how awesome friends from afar can be. So glad to hear it.

Oh and airlines suck. No matter who you're flying. So sorry they were asses.


Happy Birthday to Mr. E!!

Right on about the non-quantifiable energies -- I have no doubt that they've been huge in my brother's recovery, too. Huge. Knitters = amazing.

Continued good wishes and high hopes!!


I am glad you are home. It is always better there.

Happy Birthday to Mr. E.!!!!!!!!!!!


For Mr. E's birthday, I'm sending all sorts of good healing thoughts. I'm guessing he'd rather have that than a fuzzy bunny.


I'm so glad you're home safe and sound!


I cannot believe United could not find you a wheelchair or one of those little carty things. Seriously, how often have you walked through the airport and almost been knocked over by one of those golf carts? They're everywhere. It's unconscionable that United let Mr. E crutch through the airport.

But I'm glad you're home safely. Happy Birthday to Mr. E! You'll have to make some new birthday traditions today. Keeping my fingers crossed for the follow-up appt...


Happy Birthday to Mr. E!! I'm so glad that you made it home safely (and I'm horrified, unfortunately not shocked though, at the neglect of the airlines) and here's to a new year for you both, filled with lots of good healing and health and happy happy times together. :)


Happy Birthday to the Man! Hope healing is continuing and Monday brings good news. You're due for some.


Wish Mr. Ether a happy birthday and quick recovery for me. Glad the both of you made it home safely. And, Laurie, nuture yourself as I am sure you are nuturing your handsome husband.

Rachel H

Happy Birthday to Mr. E! And I'm so glad you're home. As Cathy said, it's always better there. We'll keep sending good thoughts and healing energies your look forward to a positive update after Monday's appointment.

Big Hugs. Always Big Hugs.


I think the president of UA ought to get a very strong letter, from about a bazillion bloggers! Wish him a happy birthday from me, and you could bake him a cake, no? Cake is almost as good as the proverbial "spoonful of sugar"!


Happy Birthday to Mr. E from both Smith and me!!
How about a picnic in bed (if you don't have to work to hard to make it happen). Don't wear yourself out. Rest when you can, even if it means taking a nap...a birthday nap...that's a good gift.

Lee Ann

Lot of experience with rotten airline behaviour here...my kid flies alone on Air Canada, and every time she does it, something goes horribly wrong and takes forever to correct. I'm very sorry Mr. E. had to deal with that at such an awful time.

Happy birthday, dear Mr. E. And may the positive energy hold you both in a good place until Monday...I know it's incredibly tough waiting. The worry alone...good move to spin and watch :-) Maybe Mr. E. would like to learn to knit...



Happy birthday to Mr E!

Your story reminds me of a time when I was flying over to Europe for a vacation with friends and family. The day before I left, I came down with a horrible cold/flu/something. I figured it was too late to cancel, and that I might as well go. As I was getting off the plane in Toronto (where I caught a connecting flight overseas), a stewardess peered at me, then asked "are you the boy who requested a wheelchair?" (I had short hair then too.) "No," I replied. "Would you like one anyway?" I stupidly declined (the cold must have messed with my brain too), and regretted it half way to my connecting gate... which was *waaaaaay* across the large airport. (There weren't any moving sidewalks either.)

On the flight overseas, we started off with an hour or two of turbulence... which did *not* go over well with my queasy stomach. All I wanted to do was lie down, but couldn't because of the seatbelt requirement. After the fasten seatbelt light *finally* turned off, I asked if there was anywhere I could lie down. No such luck... it was a *full* flight. Luckily my dad and I were in an exit row, so we had a teeny bit of foot room... which I promptly lay down in. I couldn't quite tuck up far enough, and so the trolleys kept running over my toes. At one point, I had to use the washroom. I stood up and stated this, despairing at the length of the line. All the people in line took one look at me, and insisted I go first. (I didn't need it *that* way, but I took them up on the offer.) It does make me wonder what I looked like that day.

I spent the first three days in Germany sleeping, occasionally getting up to eat mandarins. I think I consumed an entire box of them, and nothing else.

I have no idea why I'm telling you this, but hopefully it'll give Mr E a chuckle. ;)


Happy birthday to Mr. Ether! I will continue to send as many healing vibes to both of you as I can!


Happy Birthday Mr. E!!!!!!

Isn't Margene a wonderful friend! She knows just the right touch to help someone thru a difficult time. The blogging community is wonderful isn't it?


Happy birthday Mr. E.

I think he needs a crochet hook.

And doesn't he have a drop spindle around somewhere? He can park and draft for sure....

Isn't it sad how I think wool will make everything better? Much love to you both.


Very happy birthday to Mr. E. And I suspect birthday chez Ether is celebrated with wine, right? That doesn't take walking. Oh, or are there narcotics? Sigh.

In any event, I know there's a bright side to this birthday which is that he has the most amazing partner, the perfect person for him, and someone he can count on, no matter what. And what better birthday present could one have.

Thanks for the update. I've been worried about you.

Take care of both of you. Much love.


Happy Birthday to the Mister! I like Juno's suggestion, but I'm betting his own bed and laptop make him happier than wool.

That Whisper Rib is a great pattern. Get beyond that picot edge and I think you will really enjoy it.

lisa Co.  Springs

Big birthday wishes to Mr. E, and further hopes for a speedy recovery. Glad you are home.


It's always good to be home - and happy birthday to Mr E. Everything you have written reminds me, once again, how important it is to live every second. You never know how quickly things can change!


Happy Birthday, Mr. EtherKnitter! Happy Birthday to you!! May none of your future birthdays be as painfully memorable as this one.


I have been wondering how you are doing. Glad you are safe home! And happy birthday to Mr EK. The blue on the needles is beautiful!


So glad you're home and safe and feeling optimistic. It's kind of a crummy birthday, but just think of how much time you'll get to spend with one another! You'll have him knitting by the end of this journey, I just know it!

Now, when are you going to start on a gigantic sock to cover the mister's brace?


Glad to hear that you are home. That Margene is certainly an angel, is she not?


Ah, the relief of being home - with all the solace of being surrounded by familiar things and no strangers to negotiate with. After my mom had her stroke and I had to fly with her from central MN to Burbank, CA, it was a 14-hour trip, and all the airport personnel were so uncaring and unhelpful I wanted to smack all of them.

Many happy birthday wishes to Mr Ether!! May he heal soon and with no further complications.


Very Special Irish Good Luck and Birthday wishes to you Mr EK. As we say here "There is no fireside like your own fireside". Glad you are home.


Happy Birthday Mr. Ether! May you heal well and soon. My husband has been laid up for over a year and a half. If this experience has taught me anything it's that healing is not to be rushed. Give your body the time it needs to heal. Rest. Your spirit and your mind. And if your lovely wife tries to talk you into learning how to knit as a way to relax, well, less just say it didn't work out so well for my lovely. He knit so hard and so tight that months later his rows are still standing at attention.


The Yarn Harlot sent me over to wish you happy birthday Mister E - I expect you will receive many more warm wishes before the day is out! Hope you are feeling better soon!


Happy Birthday to Mr. E. God Bless and my prayers will include you two for healing and good mental health during the process! :)

Caroline M

Happy birthday Mr E. I hope that there was cake and candles and crinkly wrapping paper. We have a birthday tomorrow (Friday), my son is six. There will very definately be cake, candles, ripped paper and probably plastic things in abundance.

There's no place like home, the familiar things, places and people. I'm glad that you're both back in it and hope that all goes well on Monday.


You and Mr. Ether remain in my thoughts.


Happy Birthday Mr. Etherknitter! Hope you feel better soon.


Happy Birthday to Mr. E! I found you through Margene (what a sweetie! I'm sure the visit from her and Smith helped you both through a tough time), and have been working my way through your archives, but I had to skip ahead to today to wish you both all the best. Home is always the best place to be...


Heard throught the yarn vines (YarnHarlot) that someone is celebrating it's birthday today. Hope your unfortunate accident will not deprive you from a nice birthday cake!

Happy birthay and good recovery...


Here's a big Virginia HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Ether and many hopes, prayers and good vibes for fast healing!!!


Holy cow, I had to read the last post, and I am deeply impressed that neither of you is passed out in a drunken stupor somewhere. Anyway, happy birthday to Mr. E, and you can count my clumsy little prayers in with the rest of the group.


A blessed and happy birthday to Mr. Etherknitter, and heartfelt hopes of a swift and merciful recovery.

Nancy J

To Mr. E.: Happy Birthday! To Mrs. E. -- the whole of Blogland is behind you both! Happy celebrating of Mr. E.'s Birthday to you, too!


*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !

Many happy returns,Mr.Etherknitter. Hope you get to celebrate once you are able to make a break for freedom. Things are always better at home. ;-]


Yikes! I'm behind on my bloglines! Ouch! Happy Birthday and Speedy Healing to you, Mr. E!

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