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Lee Ann

How was that alpaca fleece prepared? was it heavily combed? because I'm finding it hard to spin my alpaca, given that it is super-combed and thus very slippery...

Someone told me to put it in the bathroom and let the steam from the shower remind it that alpacas are crimpy animals and it should behave as such. Might try that.

Your spinning is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so jealous that you got alpaca to look like that. I'd be making those noises, too :-)


Heh, heh, heh. Gives a whole new meaning to adult toys, no? No wonder G likes to watch me spin. ;-)

Glad everything's looking so good. YAY!


I'm so glad you're finding comfort in spinning. Hope Mr. Etherknitter isn't TOO jealous of your fondness for the fleece. Heh.


Wow - it looks stunning. I lurrrve me some alpaca. Glad to hear Mr. E is mending well.


Spinning is amazing for stress. I wish I'd discovered this years ago.


I love alpaca laceweight. Just wait til you knit that up. Glad Mr EK is healing nicely.


That's my girl.

Also "Testosterone is a potent hallucinogen" made me snort my beverage.

And 'someone' is a party pooper.

Glad, very, very glad, that this update is positive. If you get an Xray of the little bridges of bone building, can we see?


So glad that the news was good on Monday -- I was thinking of you guys!

Ok, how can I not buy a wheel after this post? Silly me, I thought it was about the yarn. :-) And I always thought that expression "fiber porn" was tongue-in-cheek, but not I'm not so sure . . .


Testosterone is a potent hallucinogen - how perfectly that explains so much! :)

I'm so glad to hear Mr. E is doing so well, and holy moly Laurie, that alpaca laceweight (or should I say thread??) is astounding.


Glad for you on all counts--the check-up, the Alpaca, the spinning, Mr. E's good spirits--all of it!


You can put the picture in a pop up and then Cassie won't have to look. Your spinning is more beautiful than I even pictured in my minds eye. Mr. Ether should be on his feet by the time the fleece is delivered and he might want to help you prepare it...just in case.


I breathed a sigh of relief for you when I read the beginning of this post...I'm surprised you couldn't HEAR me! I think he's going to be a tough one to keep down! That spun alpaca is divine..have you thought of plying it with very fine silk? That's what they do with the Orenburg fiber, not only to extend it, but to give it shine. And a hint from Judith MacKenzie, should you ply it with itself: abuse that yarn when you wash it. Very hot water, beat with a potato masher. Then into ice water, again with the potato masher. Then take it outside and beat it against the porch or deck. I kid you not. So glad the news is good!


I'm so glad to hear that you are finding some pleasure in fiber therapy and that things seem to healing up well. I will keep you and Mr. Etherknitter in my thoughts.


Such good news! Such beautiful yarn!

You and Mr. Etherknitter have been much in my thoughts lately. It does a body good to hear that things are moving along well.

But don't think FOR A SECOND that it goes unnoticed that you are aquiring an entire alpaca fleece while still holding out on the purchase of an entire sheep fleece....unless maybe you've been holding out instead on the telling? Did you know that Shetlands are little tiny things? Only a couple of pounds of fleece each. Seriously. Just ask Juno.

Rachel H

8 incisions? Wow! I agree with Margene - a pop up with the pictures would be interesting to see, and protect the squeemish.

Must learn to spin. Must fix up friend's wheel so I can play with it. Meeting you at a fibre festival is going to be very dangerous for me really, isn't it?


Lovely alpaca yarn. You know what...don't ply it. If you use a garter stitch based lace (all the wrong side rows knit), the singles yarn will be just fine. Alpaca tends to make a rather dense yarn and plying will just make it heavier.
Just some simple advice from an experienced spinner/knitter who's "been there, done that" too many times to count.


Oh so very very beautiful. No wonder you were making sounds that made your husband want to help. ;)

Lovely. Just lovely.


Excellent news about Mr. E!!!

If you have enough twist packed into your singles you can get away without plying, perhaps, but the camelid fibers can drift so I'd be tempted to ply. Do you have any silk in a complementary shade of brown? One of the less spongy finewools might not affect the drape too much, but that's dicey. The right Shetland fleece might work... Have you knit a sample with the singles yet?


Oooh...that alpaca is glorious. Your spinning is so even! Just beautiful.


Oooo... Oh, boy. Very nice.

And how lovely to hear no infections. I hope you'll show the lovely feathery bone-growth x-rays when they come.


Alpaca is heaven to spin! One of my favorites is alpaca and angora. I'll put aside some angora for you to try in June. ;-)

Beth S.

It sounds to me like everyone's feeling a little bit better now. And such a relief that is! :-)

Your husband sounds like a real firecracker, by the way.


I am one of those nuts who enjoy seeing pics like that - never TMI -- I actually loved watching the program "The operation" AND loved watching my colonoscopy. And had nerve blocks so I could be awake for my shoulder surgeries (one I was able to watch as they were able to do arthroscopic for that one :D


Yeah, we all want the 8-incision picture in a pop-up. Some of us are more curious than squeamish.
Some people keep their drugs in ziplock baggies. I guess you do too. That chocolate alpaca will make a lovely little lace neckwarmer.

lisa Co.  Springs

Ever so glad that Mr. E has had good news from the doctor. I'm with Lorette, I want photo's :)
Beautiful yarn, too. Spinning is on my list of things to learn...sometime after really truly fair isle.


ditto to the aforementioned topics:
- I'm glad the news was good. (can't see him being a bother though, I just can't see it...)
- sheep fleece vs. alpaca fleece, what gives? are you holding out on us?
- singles and/or plyed with something else would look stunning. I vote for singles.
- spinning = good for the soul. (I wish I had the same thought because knitting isn't happening here and my spindle and I just aren't that attatched yet...)
- leg pictures: I'm game for all pictures. Of everything.

One of the questions we were asked to ponder last month was "what cell type would you be in the body, if you had to be a cell?" One of the people in our group said that either an osteoclast or osteblast would be great - the whole construction/destruction of bone fascinated him. I can't help but smile when I think about Mr. E's body rearranging itself. We are simply fabulous bundles of chemicals that we still don't 100% understand. I love that. (will email when I have time)


Oh, good news about Mr EtherKnitter. I'm glad things are going well in the healing. And I loved his comment about whether you should be making those sounds without his help! :)


That there is some kickass alpaca spinning, lady.


Wow! I'm so glad you were able to find where the alpaca came from! It must have been meant for you ;)


Mr. E. is a funny, funny guy.


your spinning looks fantastic!!


"Testosterone is a potent hallucinogen" ....

It's funny because it's true.

Laura J

T"Testosterone is a potent hallucinogen." ONe of the BEST things anyone has ever said.

Sarah made herself a very fine scarflet out of 2 oz of qiviut. I bet your alpaca will be perfect.


Good news soothes indeed. I'm so glad you're finding some peace in alpaca and spinning.

Here's to more good news as the days go by.

Caroline M

I was braced for bad news when you didn't post on Monday. I see now why you didn't run and tell us all was well, you were busy playing with the fluffy stuff. That explains everything. I've spun alpaca twice, well I was there but really it spun itself. Mine was not that fine, I plied it with wool and knitted the sample into a sweater for Patrick Star (you might not know him but he's Spongebob Squarepant's best friend) I liked it but it's been spoilt by association now, that particular combo will always be Pat's sweater to me now.


I'm glad things are going positively-the psychic turmoil will settle with time.

Personally I think I won't be heading down the slippery slope that is spinning anytime soon but I am going to go to the alpaca farm just out of town and pick up some yarn. Sounds very lux.


I don't know much about spinning, but I do understand how calming knitting can be during chaotic times. And I am glad that things seem to be going well for the Mister thus far. I am thinking about you, and him...


After our exchange about knitting w/ the alpaca as a singles, the spring issue of Spin Off arrived. There's a good feature article on knitting scarves with energized singles. Check it out before you ply!


All sad because my email sent your reply to the spam pile :( Am going to go take yahoo to task for it too!


Oh, man, that is one nasty sounding operation, and yes, I want pics. Ooh, he should be a poster for a conference or at least a letter in some osteo mag somewhere. Cool pics always get ya published. ;)

Btw, that alpaca is gorgeous! I second plying it with the good silk you can get from Galina--you wouldn't think that the golden color of the silk would disappear as much as it does, but it really works well.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get out that cashmere I've been working on and spin it up to help my healing process . . .


Spinning is probably an excellent way to be visualizing new, growing bone fibers zooming together. Very lovely alpaca.


Great "G"; looks like a very useful gadget. Glad you're getting good news on the fracture (I just read the post about the accident; words fail me).


So happy to hear everything is looking good. Thanks for the tip on the good fleece - I'm heading over to take a peek at the website now.

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