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I've had bulbs up for weeks, the poor things. And I've also seen a cardinal at the bird feeders every morning. Isn't it great to hear the birds singing their spring songs? We should be seeing red winged blackbirds anytime, too.


Moving from roving to roving without thought or care is also good. ;-)


I have some of that lovely bunny crack in the same color - if only my spinning was as beautiful as yours!!


I've only seen Mr. Cardinal lately as well so I'm thinking the same thing as you with the misses. I just can't wait to see a Robin or Oriole (they are my favorite but only here for a short time) out there, then I'll really know spring is here!


No I can't imagine where she might have gotten the idea you like blue. What insight! What perspicacity!

And just be the bee.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin, etc.


Flit, flit, little bee! It's a lovely meadow you have to flit in.


Packrat friends don't let packrat friends worry about OCD.

Two words: Storage Bobbins.

Two more words: Bobbin Winder.


What fun is it if you can't flit?


March is my favorite month and not because of the obvious. The weather changes from day to day but more often than not there is a steady warming trend. Birds come out of hiding and start their songs and insects appear. The first bits of tulips and daffodils come out of the ground and the days are noticeably longer. You can watch the earth reawaken...albeit slowly.

You spinning is looking good! Make it into yarn soon, OK?


My daffodils are doing okay with the warm/freezing, but some of my other poor bulbs (anemones? or are those the grape hyacinths?) seem to have had their poor little leaves burnt by the latest-but-one cold snap.

And ditto to Juno's initial sentence.

Rachel H

Flitting is absolutely seasonally appropriate. Very spring like. It's the only way to go really.

And after seeing yours, I want to learn to spin just so I can justify getting Bunnycrack. Then again, getting some to just keep in decorative little balls to pick up and pet every now and then doesn't seem like a bad idea either.

Beth S.

I like your blue mittens. You can never ever have enough mittens. Just ask Sandy. :-) Maybe now you need a handspun raspberry-colored pair, too.


The mittens look wonderful. They are just right :-) The raspberry spinning looks just yummy.


I am SO relieved to be done with February! March is wonderful...even though spring never does come to Michigan in March, one can hope. By the way, next time you go to NYC, you must go to Seaport Yarns. The selection is fabulous, and I guarantee they won't snarl at you.


Although I'm generally in favor of flitting, I do think that having a finite number of bobbins helps to control the ADD thing with spinning. At least I told myself that until I bought three more bobbins....

The mittens look great. The larger thumb is aesthetically more pleasing worn or sitting on a table? I'd say the fit is more important than anything else.


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