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Bah! I forgot! Happy late birthday Mr. Etherknitter!


Fingers Fully crossed for the doctor visit!

Rachel H

I think if Mr. E is so concerned about the blog, he should really do a guest post or two. (she says, taking full advantage of the fact that ducking and running isn't necessary right now, just standing outside of the reach of the crutches. Heh.)

(sorry. couldn't resist. cheeky little thing, amn't I)


I like Rachel H's idea. Mmmm, Florence. Never been to Italy, and really, really want to go someday.


*Fantastic* Fodder For Future Feature:
Fearless Fellow: Friend-to or Foe-of, Fanatic Fickle Fiber Fiends?


Good Fs--and yes, I'd love to see Mr. E as a guest blogger, too!


Wishing the poor guy a happy birthday was the least I could do. I so wish I could do something more real.


Oh, Fabulous idea Rachel H!


Belated happy B-day to Mr. E! May this year be all good from here on in...


Rachel H has the right idea! Thank you Mr E. for sending the link to back up the blog! Mr S is going to look it over today. Italy calls to me...it's beauty, my heritage (25%), and it's ageless grace.


Oh to go to Florence! Someday.......

Hmm....when a hubby is prodding, it must mean he's feeling a bit better...hehe!


Remembering old trips and PLANNING new ones is the best therapy there is!


DH and I love Florence but our kids hated it (well, they only liked the coffee and pizza). Can't figure that one out.


Happy Belated B-day. What a rotten way to start a new year, but I'm thinking that you've had your share of bad luck for a long time, so things should improve!!


Lovely "F"! I know you have beautiful memories of such a wonderful place!


Happy Birthday - a bit belated - from a friendly blog lurker. Feel better soonest! Sending good and happy energy, prayers for a speedy recovery your way.


Personally, if I were a horse hitched to that hitching post, I think I'd be a little freaked out. "Why is he making that face?"

I'd love to go to Florence someday....


"Blogger Flogger". I like his new title. Happy belated birthday to him! It sounds like he must be feeling better if he's badgering you already.

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