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Another place to have a nice dinner (Himself loves their meatloaf!) is the Blind Dog, next door to the Marriot near Prospector Square. It's never failed us. No daughter-in-law singing, however.


Sounds like a lovely escape!


My gosh, can you paint a picuture with your words! Love reading your posts. Your picture of SLC and the mountains is breath-taking as well. Never realized the beauty of the place before. But never went ther during the winter either! LOL Thanks for the beautiful read.


Can you even leave your hotel today? We have been hit hard here in the valley. Snow is near blizzard like and it's very treacherous to be out and about. It was more than wonderful to meet you and I do hope it isn't long before we can hug again.




That's my kind of pantheon.

Beth S.

I'm so envious that you got to meet Margene! What fun that must have been.

Those glovelets look fun too, come to think of it. Why have I never cast on anything from that book? And it's such a great book, too. There's a pair of lacy socks in there that are tempting, except they have a very scary short row heel.


Bacchus.....that looks like my definition of heaven....cheese, olives, caviar and flights of wine? It's a wonder you'd ever leave there to get any skiing in.


So glad you're having a great time! You got to meet Margene first but I think I'm next.


I'm pretty darn envious of the skiing.


Oh, how I miss Utah's snow... Lived there thirty years ago and could ski up into the mountains from my back door. Heaven.


Hey, I knew those mountains looked familiar.


If that wine bar was close to my hotel, I wouldn't get any skiing done.
The way you describe skiing almost makes frigid weather seem inviting!

julia fc

but happy for you.

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