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I am so impressed that you had the presence of mind to speak to that young man the way you did. That is just incredible.

Just over a year ago my mother fell in her driveway and broke her knee and elbow. At first they said she didn't have to have surgery, then they said she did. The hospital she went to for the operation turned out to be a nightmare. The healing was a long haul and she was so brave. I was living hundreds and hundreds of miles away and it is always terrifying when the people you love most -- young, healthy, vibrant people -- find themselves in such a situation.

Best wishes and much healing to you both.


Warm thought of healing and good energy being sent to you and mr. ether.


I am so sorry this happened. It is amazing how quickly the course of your entire life can change. You and Mr. E hang in there. All us chickens out here are sending healing vibes your way.


(((((hugs))))))to you both........what a story..........


I hope Mr. Ether heals quickly and completely!


Oh Laurie, I was so sad to hear of Mr. Ethernet's accident and for you to be so far away from home. The blogging community it so wonderful at supporting each other in times of need and I am happy to be part of that community that is wrapping themselves around both of you in the spirit of love and healing.

Keep the faith!!

Sarah HB

Amazing how knit bloggers come together!!!

Best of luck to Mr. Ether for his recovery.

Hugs to both of you.


Holey mackeral how awful! Here's to a speedy and full recovery.


You and Mr. Etherknitter are in my thoughts and prayers.

Elizabeth D

Laurie, Underneath all this horror is a story of a really nice marriage. You have that to hang onto in a month or two when this starts to seem endless. Remember to sleep, and remember how many friends you have. Thinking of you --


Delurking to wish you both well and Mr Etherknitter's speedy recovery. Watching a loved one suffering is hard indeed. Please take care of yourself, too.


Ughhhhh. I grew up ski racing and my dad's a Dr and the one thing I cannot handle at all are compound fractures. The thought of them freak me out. You handled yourself amazingly well. It's so hard to be alone in a situation like that.

Ughhhhhhhhhh. Hope he's doing better today.

Janice in GA

Holy cow, lady. Warm thoughts and healing wishes coming your way.


I am so sorry! I am grateful for all the things that could have happened that DIDN'T as I know you are, but that doesn't make it suck any less. My prayers are with you and I know your blogging community will continue to lift you up and through this long process.


Well wishes - take care of yourself. Thank goodness for the blessing of the blogging community - so many angels out there helping out in a big time of need. Thank frigging goodness. I'm here for the first time via Margene. Sorry for the rotten accident, but glad you had so many resources for help nearby.


Wow! Ouch! Can't think of anything to say, just Wow! I will continue to read your blog to keep up to date with Mr. Etherknitter and that poor leg! Wow!
Sheri in GA


I couldn't bring myself to read all the comments, as my heart was already breaking for the both of you. I am another distant friend of Margene's, who followed her instructions to read your story. I went through a very similar situation almost a year ago, when my dear son, 26, had a very bad crash resulting in plate and pins. My 21-year old daughter was with me, and such accidents are frequent in Tahoe, where he lived and we were visiting, but the fears and the agonizing wait all came back, reading your story. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I will visit back frequently. He did not have the same threat of infection (his femur, reduced to child's blocks, was closed). We did go back to the slopes this season, and he walks pretty much normally; hang in there.


I'm holding you in my heart today - that's what we agnostics do when we would be praying if we were different people. Positive brain waves. Positive brain waves.

Good luck travelling. Hang in.



Wow, just wow.
I just wanted to chime in with even more best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr. Etherknitter and hugs for both of you.


De-lurking to send you my best wishes for your husband's speedy recovery (and for you to stay strong and well during this crisis). Thank goodness for all the amazing support you're getting. It's always gratifying to see how supportive and wonderful people can be in times of need.


Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm amazed at your composure through the whole thing (especially with the child who caused it), and I wish you much comfort and support.
I hope Mr. Etherknitter heals well & quickly.

Pat K

Dear Laurie, I just came over from Margene's blog -- what a horrible accident, and what wonderful heart-touching caring around you both. I send prayers and wishes for a speedy, complete recovery. So glad you have found so much support. Many (((hugs))).


Oh. My. God. That's so scary and so bad that I don't even know where to start.

Do they know why it broke? There are so many scary reasons why. I hope it's just one of those odd medical things.

I will be praying for both of you. I hope you can just keep knitting.


Thank you for writing about this experience...my prayers will be with both of you through the next few months. Reading this has also helped me to connect with, on a much deeper level, how very much I love my own daredevil athlete husband & how much I want never for anything like this to happen to him...I don't know if I could take it. It is extremely hard to find an appropriate way for the tender human psyche to assimilate experiences such as this. I think of when my dog, Mr. P died, & all the things attendant on that experience of being fully present for the whole thing...there are times when I'm grateful for having been there for him, but other times when the memory of the reality just sears my heart. So...you will be in my prayers for good healing just as much as Mr. Etherknitter will be.


Margene sent me here and I just want to send my prayer for a complete and swift healing!


Just stopping by from Cassie's blog. I'm blown away by your composure on the slopes. As a former avid snowboarder (a responsible one, Promise!!) — who's been subject to injuries far more minor on the slopes — It's one thing when it was you, or you caught en edge... it's another when the incident was caused by another person's a.ignorance, b.inexpierience, or c.irresponsibility or d.all of the above. Reading your story made my blood boil. I'm so impressed with your composure.

Best wishes for a speedy, quick and full recovery for mr.etherknitter, and the peace of mind for you.

lisa Co.  Springs

Big hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery. What a lousy thing to happen on an otherwise lovely trip.


Oh god, Laurie, I am so sorry to read this.... I really admire your strength through all of this, and all my best wishes to your husband for his recovery. Hang in there.


Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry. How awful and scary and lifechanging. I wish I could help in some way! Hugs and best wishes to you and Mr E. All of us here at home will be thinking of you, and like Juno said, holding you in our hearts.


Holy Cow. The PTSD thing will be an ever-more thing - although it'll get way easier as time goes on. Many healing vibes to you both....what a scary event. And wowza, your composure to the assailant is something.


My thoughts and prayers are being sent your way and will stay with your throughout your ordeal.


I am so sorry for what you and Mr. Etherknitter have been through while thankful that it wasn't worse. I'm so thankful that other knitters were able to help you out as well.

I'm praying for a complete recovery, physically and mentally.


I like the U of U hospital, so I think you're in good hands. Of course, I've only seen the nephrology section of it, but STILL! A speedy recover to your darling!


Just to wave good vibes at you both. Get home safe, and good healing. (And from the sounds of your husband, you won't have that much bedside knitting time, he'll be up and antsy soon.)


More healing thoughts from my direction! Take good care of yourself too, and if you need anything I can provide, just ask! The knitblog universe is truly amazing.


My very best thoughts and wishes to your husband for a complete recovery.

Unfortunately, Laurie, I have had occasion to feel that knitblog love in the past three weeks as you have. Powerful and good, and amazingly strong, isn't it? My eyes burn with tears and overwhelming gratitude when I think of some of these people and how they've buoyed my spirits and propped me up at times.

My very best to you, too.


Well wishes for a speedy recovery. I got all choked up reading that. I hope it all goes well.


Hoping for a quick and easy recovery for Mr. Ether.


Delurking to send healthy healing vibes to you and Mr. I'm so sorry to hear your Utah adventure took such a dissappointing turn. You don't know me but I live right down the street from the U hospital; if you need a ride somewhere, internet access or someone to bring you a snack please email me and let me know.


I'm so sorry you had a skiing disaster on your vacation. I hope your husband heals fast and well.
My husband is a ski-patroller. He would have cut that 16-year old's lift ticket off pronto. I think what you said to him was very appropriate. I don't know if I could have been that reasonable to him in the moment of crisis.
I hope the ski-patrollers got your husband down the mountain while minimizing his pain. I know after taking care of injuries like that my husband wonders how the victim is doing for several days afterwards but he rarely hears any news.
Remember to take care of yourself also. Best Wishes, Sue


I'm here for the first time via Margene, and I am sending you all the best wishes I have that Mr Ether will make a good recovery. Hallelujah that you had good resources to help find a truly-qualified surgeon. You were amazingly restrained in talking to the kid who caused all this. Blessings!


Oh, my - I'm so sorry you and Mr. Etherknitter are going through this. Healing thoughts are being sent from San Francisco. You've both been through quite an ordeal. I hope Mr. Etherknitter is feeling better soon.


Your composure and grace in this crisis are impressive.

Here's to a speedy, uneventful recovery for the hubster and a virtual hug for you both!

Lola LB

Good luck and may Mr. Etherknitter have a quick recovery.


Hang in there! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope things are on the mend quickly for him.


hey laurie, i hear via marcia's blog, that you made it home. keep knitting! and take good care of yourself, as well as mr ether. no need for you to drop from inattention to yourself


I hope your trip home was uneventful and that Mr. E is doing better. Our visits in SLC overlapped and I'm truly sorry I didn't get to meet you both. I heard the tale from Margene Sunday night when I arrived at their house preparing to fly out on Monday. Am sending you all good thoughts for a speedy healing for Mr. E. and for respite and ease for you.
many, many hugs.


Just popped over from Margene's blog to send healing thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr E. Isn't it funny how in a crisis the mind just goes into overdrive and gets you through until the immediate danger is over? The same thing happened to me when DH bust his knee when we were windsurfing in the middle of our favourite bay. It was only later that I had to stop and think how I managed to get him, me and two sets of equipment out the water and up the beach that I realised how bad things could have been.


I'm so sorry this happened to you, and I really admire how you dealt with such a horrible situation. That said, please remember to take care of yourself, you can't help your husband unless you help yourself. The heart sends blood to itself first and then oxygenates the rest of the body and right now you are your husband's heart.


I hope things are getting better! And you know, I was thinking, you should really change that picture in your top corner. After Mr. E's accident, it gives off a whole different vibe, now! Thinking of you....

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