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Just some simple but heartfelt good wishes to you both. I hope you and your husband both heal quickly from this!


Oh pet. I'm so grateful for so much reading this. I'm grateful he's allright. I'm grateful that the kid got a chance to learn a big lesson without killing someone, I'm grateful that you are so strong and tough that you were able to advocate for him so well, and I'm grateful that the knitblog community did for you what it does best.
I'm grateful to know ya. Drop a line if I can help you. You know where I'm at.


Sending you positive thoughts and prayers. I hope you both take care and get better soon.


Been there, done that...not open but closed...missed in the local er that the leg was very broken; even the ski patrol (gods and goddesses if you are ever in the situation...what incredibly talented people)got that one right...other than going thru it for him which obviously you can't do you did the absolute best thing you could ever do for your husband...you were his advocate...
I send good thoughts for patience and healing for both of you in the coming months...


What a nightmare. Thank goodness for the blogging community so that you were not alone out there. And it's great you had the connections and knowledge to find the right surgeon and know what Mr Ether needed! Keeping you both in my thoughts.


You have my deepest sympathies. Good luck in the ordeal ahead.


Laurie -

My daddy had a similar (but certainly less dramatic) thing happen to him. My brother and I learned how to ski in school, and my dad decided to learn how to ski at 46 so that he could take us on vacations. At Blackcomb few years later, he was still on the greens, but was doing fairly well. Some hotshot came barreling down the hill, and my dad was standing off to the side of a junction, and this guy took him out. My dad totally blew out his knee, which we didn't know until he didn't come back to the condo that afternoon. I got my first experience driving in/on snow getting around to pick him up, take him back, and then driving back to Seattle. He's a trouper, though - back at it even though he's a bit more gimpy than before.

I'm sure Mr. Ether is much more hardcore, but I deeply sympathize nonetheless. Best of luck!


You have remarkable strength. Best wishes to you both.

Cindy D

Girl....you can write under pressure!!! May your Mr. Etherknitter's tibia knit together.


Your story had me on the verge of tears because I could feel the terror you must have been feeling. Best wishes to Mr. Ethernet. And you hang in there, too.

Erin B

I have so been there. I had a rod and four screws putin my tibia. I understand how hard it will be and my heart goes out to your husband. When he gets it removed, I know its a long way off but mount it up like a trophy. He will definitely deserve it!


You are very brave and so is he. I'm so sorry, but you did manage this wonderfully and so glad you said what you did to the young fellow on the slopes. It is heartbreaking. Not to make light of it but many of us manage with our spinning and spin/knit friends. Some things can't be helped, I think they should stock yarn and needles in hospital gift shops, maybe they do. They could leave a basket of skeins and needles on the table for people to borrow or adopt, wouldn't that be helpful?
Hope it all goes well, I'm praying for his speedy return to full health. The way I see it is, he is who he is and that must be expressed in wholeness of his identity and being in all its perfection. All the best, Andy


Oh dear, what a terrible day that was for both of you. I'm so sorry to read about this.
I was about 12 or 13 when I had a similar experience to yours. Ski vacation, Spring Break, beautiful day, taking it easy down an easy ski run, and then seeing my mom fall, below me; not a hard fall, no collision, just a typical fall on a ski mountain. She yelled up to us, my dad and I, and when we reached her she told us her leg was broken.
I skied down to the bottom of the lift as fast as I could to get help from the ski patrol while my dad stayed with her. Then I had to ride the old SLOOOW lift back up and ski down to her. The ski patrol was there and we followed her down the mountain in the stretcher. Turns out she broke both the tibia and the fibula. After a couple of days we were able to make the 8 hour drive back home from Bend, OR to Seattle, WA.
I'm not going to say that she healed miraculously quickly, but she did heal. There were some mistakes made with her treatment that prolonged her healing. It was difficult, mostly emotionally, with lots of ups an downs. I'm afraid that I was still quite young and maybe not as sympathetic as I could have been to her predicament.
She had a long rod in her bone but eventually had it removed when it started to jar loose while she was hiking on Mt. Rainier a few years later. She had a bone graft from her hip at one point, too. It was years before they figured out that one of her legs was now shorter and that wearing a slightly altered shoe would virtually end the back pain that she was experiencing.
Now, about 23 years later, she's 74. She started back with cross country skiing (a looooong time ago now) but eventually started downhill again. Our boys and I skiied downhill with her this winter. She spent a week cross country skiing this winter in Yellowstone and will spend a week hiking there this summer. She spent a month last year travelling in Africa. She went on a several-day hike in Glacier Nat'l Park a couple of years ago. She spends on average 2 hours a day working in their garden. She is an active woman who worked her way through this.
I wish for an easy recovery for Mr. Etherknitter. It may not be easy, but it will happen. Those bones do "knit" themselves back together in time.
And to you: Knit on!
(Oh yeah, AND my mom is a fabulous knitter. It would be hard to determine which she started doing first as a child: skiing or knitting. What else would you expect from someone who spent the first 21 years of her life in Norway?)

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