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I am crying. Not simply from the story of your husband's (and your) ordeal, but from the story of support from your knitblogging family - not only those in Utah, but those much farther afield.

Winging my thoughts to you and Mr. Etherknitter, along with *hugs*.


ohmyGod Laurie...sending healing thoughts your husband's way...


*hugs* I hope Mr Etherknitter's leg heals well and quickly!


Goodness gracious!!! I'm sending you and your husband all the best wishes, and a speedy recovery! I see stretchers on the slopes all the time... sometimes even blood on the snow.. and I never want to know what happened for a reason! That story scared me shitless! I can only imagine what you're going through!

Bookish Wendy

You need the knit-signal - you check my site and upload it ;)

I see now that in your picture you have a helmet on...

Hugs to you. XOXOXO.... I'm sending good healing thoughts your way.


Best wishes for a fast and full recovery for the Mr! It's comforting to know this knitting community extends far beyond our own imaginations and help is always there when needed the most.

Teresa C

Man. It sucks to have little or no control in an arena where you are so used to having it. I'll be thinking of you often, hoping you are both recuping as well as you can be. Hugs!


This is the most incredible story! Best wishes and healing thoughts, vibes, prayers to your man, and to you.


The internet community has much more good about it than bad. I hope your husband heals quickly and that you both are o.k.


Chilling story! I'm sending good thoughts and best wishes for a speedy (and total) recovery. My best to both of you.


All I can say is "wow." I am glad that you were able to get recommendations for your surgeon. My prayers are with you and your dear hubby.


Oh, shit! For the nasty broken leg. For the good stuff, I'm both grateful for you and Mr. Etherknitter and not surprised. For all the bad that the jerks among us throw into life, there is much quiet good going on. I'm sending lots of hugs your way and if you need some more yarn or fiber, just holler and send an address.


Oh Laurie! I had talked with Margene on Friday and I've been thinking of you all weekend. Thank god for the knitblogging community and that you're NOT ALONE out there. Huge healing vibes going out to Mr. Etherknitter! And HUGE HUGS TO YOU!


Oh Laurie! Poor Mr. Ether! How hard it must have been for you to watch from the wrong side of the fence on this one. I'm only a med student, but I already want to micromanage my parents' medical lives! I'm seding healing thoughts to your guy, and healing, speedy knitting thoughts to you!


I knew most of the story and yet my heart was in my throat. The first part of the road will be rough but each day will be better. I feel lucky to be able to give you a real hug today.


What a nightmare. I am glad Mr. E. got good care, and that you had the support you needed. It is no fun to wade through these things alone, in a strange environment. Best wishes to you both.


What a terrible ordeal to have to sit and watch and wait; knowing all the risks and possibilities only makes it harder. Thank goodness for the support of friends. Thank goodness that all worked out so well. Although I only know you as a voice in the ether I am sending virtual hugs.


Sometimes I think it's far worse to be a patient when you understand more about what exactly that means and what can happen.

All good thoughts going to you and Mr. E. Hang in there.


sending good healing thoughts your way!


I often feel I haven't accomplished much in my life, but I am crying at this very moment, for you and your dear husband, and at the knowledge that I produced Tom and two other sons pretty much like him. I only wish I had been there to help myself. Love to you both!


Oh Laurie, your story is so unreal! I was in tears for both of you. We'll all be here supporting you and Mr. E for the healing process! Take Care!


I'm sorry to read this - I hope all will go better from now on. Thank heavens for the blogging community with helping hands.


Oh, Laurie! Nothing is worse than the helpless feeling of hurting loved ones! I am hugging. I know you can feel it!
Please, as you come back this way, let me know if I can help in any way. I'm good at lots of things. Especially sitting holding hands. Silent but there!

Lee Ann

Laurie, my friend, I'm in shock, in tears, etc...and hoping that Mr. Etherknitter heals fast and well. I wish I were closer. You've been there so much for me, and you know I'm here for you, though all I can do is be here from far away. All the love in the world to both of you!


I've been holding my breath, and have only now let out a little bit. You showed remarkable restraint with the young man...which is of course the way you should have handled it, but so hard to do under the circumstances. You can imagine what I might have done/said!

Think of my tight hug around you if you can. If anyone can get better and overcome this, you and Mr. E. can, but I know it's going to be a long, hard road.


Three cheers for the ski patrol and Marcia's Tom! Glad you were able to get such a good surgeon -- the passionate ones really do work miracles.

Do you have Traumeel cream for the bruising, Aubrey's E-tomic balm for sore muscles (did his back get wrenched a bit in the fall?), and vitamin E for later when his incisions need TLC?

Did you ask for wallet-sized prints of the x-rays showing where his newly installed metal parts are so he can get through a metal detector?

And as you've discovered, there aren't strangers, just new friends. Old adage, but ever true.

Oh, and let the peonies remind you and perhaps wait until next year for the story.

Dpns waving toward the Wasatch front.


Dude, you took a PICTURE?! Damn....said in the most admiring of tones.


How awful! I'm thinking of both of you and sending warm hugs.


Warm hugs and healing thoughts. Let me know if Mr. Etherknitter would appreciate a Florida sunshine care package.

Rachel H

My Dad was just as moved as I was by the story of the hell you went through and the support you received. Big, Big hugs for you and healing thoughts for the Mr. I wish I were close enough to do more. I have more respect that I can say for the way you spoke to that thoughtless kid on the slope. I doubt I could have done the same.


Laurie, I knew part of this story, but the whole story made me cry. You just have to know that we're all here for you, if not in body, then in spirit. If anybody needs Wendy's knit-signal, you do!
And "fractured fairy tale"? I'm thinking that your sense of humor will get you through this one!


OMG. I'm thinking good thoughts for you and the husband.


oh my. Oh dear. Aw fuck.

What an adventure. I am thankful that you both had the best possible care, and grateful that his (and your) sense of humor is in tact.

I can't explain how (selfishly) I feel insignificant - I want to reach out across the country and be there. Help. Sit with you and knit. Bring a homecooked meal and bottle of good wine. And chocolate. The lessons I've learned from this post will be with me for a long, long time.

I'm sending good vibes and healthy thoughts and hope that your trip back East is uneventful. Take care Mr and Mrs Ether(knitter), take care.


Oh, Laurie!!! Sending best wishes for a swift, uncomplicated recovery to Mr. E. Thank heaven you were able to get such wonderful care ... both from the medical staff and the blogging community.


OH MY GOD, Laurie. A big, huge hug to you and to Mr. E. PLEASE let me know when you are back -- I will bring more hugs and food. Thank goodness that he's OK and that you make such good decisions under pressure. Hugs.


Holy cow, what a scary story. Let me know if you need any help getting to the airport.


I am so sorry this had to happen! I hope his leg heals quickly and well, I know how bad this kind of break can be. I'm sending virtual HUGS your way! Will you be able to go home soon?


Fuck !
Heal fast and well Mr.Etherknitter. Take of yourselves.
All the best. xxx


Oh Laurie, I am so sorry that happened. Cried when I read how much pain he was in. Used to ski myself - never managed to get back on the slopes after an accident that was a skinned knee compared to that of Mr. Etherknitter. Wish I was a couple hours closer and the snow wasn't so bad here, I would drive in and knit with you. Take care of yourself and your man. My thougts and well-wishes are with you both.

cori w

oh my... i am so so so sorry. i hope that recovery goes quickly and he is back in business soon. how scary!


Cheers for you for remaining strong through all of that ordeal. It's so difficult to see someone you care about in extreme pain and work through things rationally and patiently.

I hope your husband has the best possible recovery. I'm sure the two of you will be stronger together for the experience.


Oh Laurie, holy moly. I'm so sorry this happened, that it was so traumatic, and...everything. He's very lucky to have you there advocating for him, and thank goodness for your demand of morphine with the boot. Shudder. Holy crap.

I'm glad you're both home safe and sound. I'm sending many hugs and healing vibes.

Perhaps we need to get Mr. Etherknitter an electric spinner for his convalescence? May it be quick.


Laurie, I am so sorry to hear this!! A close friend of a close friend was paralyzed in a skiing accident a year or so ago, and I am so glad that--awful as this was--it wasn't worse. I can't imagine how horrible it was for you to just sit there for those hours while he was in surgery. I applaud your handling of the careless 16-year old. I am so VERY glad to hear that you've been getting the help and support you need and deserve. I can't do anything practical for you, but I am sending prayers and get well wishes. Don't forget to take care of yourself! Hang in there . . .


holy SHIT, honey! wow! i'm a squeamish person, but somehow i felt i needed to read the whole thing, and support you in the only way i can, which is to comment here, and let you know that, as unusual as it is for me to pray, that i am praying for you & mr etherknitter. both of you. i & my loved ones suffered ptsd, and it's not pretty. get some help, once the physical is managed (i won't say over, it may be a long time before it's over). and then, when it's feasible, GET BACK ON THAT MOUNTAIN. you and he can conquer it. you may not ski it, but get there. my thoughts are with you dear, and you keep knitting. that, too, will help. i know.

Caroline M

I'm crying into my coffee here. I can feel the combination of OMG this can't be happening, the helplessness and the need to hold it all together simply because you have to. Give him my best wishes from a total stranger. Take care of yourself too, not so easy when your focus is on someone else.


OMG, what an agonizing ordeal for the two of you. I'm here for the first time via Cassie. Wishing you both well.


I was clasping my legs by the time I got to the visual description. What a nightmare and here's me wishing for a decent dump of snow! Wishing him a speedy recovery.


Sending healing and comforting thoughts and prayers your way. (hugs)


More healing thoughts headed in your direction. OMG, what a story. (I initially read the first sentence "this is a story with many lawyers" which would have been bad enough.) I've had that waiting-room wait myself. Hang in there.

Liz Cadorette

My God, Laurie! I am SO sorry to hear of your ordeals! (Mr. Etherknitter's and yours by extension) I had no idea what was happening, or I'd gladly have extended whatever help I was capable of offering from so far away.

Many, many healing energies and loving thoughts flying to you.

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