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Are you using four or five needles on the glovelets? Try five if not as there will be less stitches. Most of the ladders to disappear with wear and a good wash. You might like two circulars as there is less chance of laddering. Your spinning is beautiful and the sweater for Mr E is fabulous, too. Isn't it great to learn new techniques you can use over and over?


Magic Loop is a great solution for laddering issues.


The wool/cotton looks like its knitting up beautifully. And your spinning looks fantastic. The colors look so much like the BFL I spun up recently that I had to think about which roving I had spun it from for a minute. Don't fret about the Wensleydale, all fibers are not alike, and we all have our preferences. Just keep going forward.


The ladders might be much less noticeable after washing, especially if it's a purl issue. I hate having purls as the first stitches on dpns - it makes my tension wonky.


I *love* Wool Cotton--it makes a wonderfully soft fabric. In my experience, however, it stretches under its own weight. Beware.


I found the Wensleydale I have really hard to draft. It hurt my wrists from all the tugging, and I have temporarily abandoned it. But I loved, loved, loved the Grafton Fibers Corriedale and fully intend to get lots more. They have so many great colors and they do seem to spin up into a lovely mix of hues. So fun to spin!!!


Wow, that Viking sweater is gorgeous! I am tempted to make it for Mr. Blue Canary, if I ever finish his first sweater. I think it would be gorgeous in a Cherry Tree Hill solid (with its subtle varigation), DK weight wool.


I'm using two circulars on gloves *&* socks, and I'm getting those extraordiarily annoying ladders too. I hope Margene's comment is true for both of us.

I do so love a freshly spun blue-green yarn.


I have ladders and I've been knitting for a long, long while although I think Margene may have me beat. They get much less noticeable after blocking and a wash or two. Fuggetabouit.


The knitting: love the switch to wool/cotton. You shouldn't fret over the ladders to much. Wash 'em and they'll probably disappear. I switch between dps and 2 circs when I get bothered too much by them.
The spinning: ooohhh!! lovely. I happen to really love wensleyday. It was the reason I bought my frirst wheel. I wanted to have wensleydale yarn and couldn't find much back then.
The tease: like foam!

Beth S.

Oh, it's a Lavold! Very exciting.

Lee Ann

Yay for working on a Lavold...I love the lifted increases.

And I'm sorry, but every single time I think of Wensleydale, I think of poor Wallace when he finds out Wendolene doesn't like cheese..."Not even Wensleydale?"

And I've just found out that Wensleydale Dairy's business was lifted out of bankruptcy by Wallace and Gromit. Incredible. See what happens when dogs learn to knit?


Sounds like you and Wensleydale are like me and Romney. Just not meant to be. Although that Corriedale more than makes up for it, no? Looks great! And I'm looking forward to a little more info about that brilliantly while little tuft of fiber at the end!


I made those glovelettes and truly those ladders will disappear with wear. I can honestly say that as mine were sporting ladders too....LOL

Love the color of Mr Ehterknitter's sweater to be!!!


This is why I love blogs - not only did you post about a pattern that I've struggled with (the glovelettes) but there are so many helpful comments that I am fortified to give the pattern another go.

Sigh...blogging (and bloggers) rock. :)

And your spinning? Le sigh...


sometimes the ladders come out in the wash and or blocking. give it a shot before you abandon them

julia fc

you're washing something?
the spindle looks blissed. What lovely spinning. Linda Diak's corry rocks, don't it? You do it sweet justice.


I agree, the ladders come out in the wash mostly. If they really bug you, try shifting the starting point of each round every few rows; when you get to the end of one needle's worth of stitches, knit a few more from the next needle before changing to a new one.
And I love Lee Ann's Wallace-Wensleydale quote!


ladders are bad luck if I walk under them, but otherwise I don't think they're so bad. (ditto to what everyone else says about the washing/blocking)

mmmm....fiberholic decor....mmmmm....


So I've actually had this post saved for over a week to come back and comment. And I'm finally doing it. Sorry so late.

Wensleydale: sometimes a really long staple is harder to spin than a medium staple. Is it commercially combed stuff or hand-prepared? Hand-combing wensleydale is on my to-do list.

That corrie is gorgeous. I think it should become a shawl or a scarf or something lacy to drape around your shoulders. But it will tell you what it wants to be, I'm quite sure.

And the preview? Is that, by any chance, rambo? Washed a la Barbara Clorite? Hmmm?

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