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Cable knitters are the injured. My hands are sore and I believe I'm switching sports!

Lee Ann

I am currently competing in the SpeedSkein Drying event...but I'll let you know on the Skull Stranding Hat Toss as soon as this freaking llama dries...


I love the analogies . . . always wanted to be a biathlete.


So wacky are you. But in a good way.


Beth S.

That was delightful! I particularly liked the lace/skating analogy. (Come the Summer Olympics, I daresay the lacers could be matched with the gymnasts.)

What I want to know is, who are the snowboarders? :-)


Wow - well thought out post! Funny, I always wanted to be a figure skater but never quite got there. Let's hope I fare better with the lace!


Great analogies you clever blogger you.


Perfect analogies for the Games! Beth, snowboarders are the knitters who come up with unique ideas and just knit to create.


Beautifully put--your analogies were spot on, especially the lace/figure skater comparison.


I liked your comparisons. The ski jumping is my sports, I watch it and knit it. The athletes mostly do a nice telemark landing where I always crash... but then again I just hop with eyes closed.


It's funny...because it's true (Said in my best Karen Walker from Will & Grace voice.)It's also a little bit sad...also because it's true!


That's not you in that photo, is it?

Ha! Love the analogies in this post. So true!


Aha - but my project doesn't qualify as biatholon material. No finishing on a lopapeysa. Its one of the reasons I chose it.

Love the lace/figure skating analogy. All of them, actually. Its great to have you in the stands, cheering. (You can cheer for more than one team, right?)


Perfect! Such a fun description of the knitting Olympics!!


Great analogies!

Umm, that picture is labelled "View from Snowmass." Have you geographically abandoned Team Boston in their hour of need?


I love this, Laurie! My new favorite athletes are the snowboarders, dude. They are the daring knitters, the fair-isle with skull and crossbones knitters. Rock on (or is it "word")?!?


downhill skiing without the potential for a broken leg? my parents will be so proud that I've finally figured out how to get into this sport without worrying about a trip to the hospital.

lynne s of oz

Laurie, I need a bit of cheering on - the husband socks have taken precious time from my Olympic socks. My figure skating crossed with short track speed skating was a total mess - I must've fallen three times whilst just skating around in the warm up. However, if I am lucky I'll do a Bradbury and everyone else will fall over in the final lap....

Judith's Garden

Crocheters are the ones caught on steroids & sent away...I agree, great analogies! I can visualize the whole scene--it's fabulous!


hmmmm, i'm making afghan squares (15 12" squares to be exact, in 15 different patterns). does that qualify me as the 50K cross-country? or could it possibly be luge? since i'm knitting at breakneck speeds? not skeleton, please, that would make me crazy!


Who would've thought I would be like a figure skater? :) But "one mistake, and the whole routine is changed" has rung true a bit too much in the past week. :) But, just like Evan Lysacek made a great comeback this evening I'm back on track with the lace shawl. :)


Wow, who knew I was a biathelete? Or does it count, since I carefully chose a sweater that requires no finishing besides weaving in ends?

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