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Your photos are so much better than mine! Thanks for putting them out here!


Why do I feel like I totally missed you on Saturday? :-( I had so much fun this weekend, so glad you all got up to my neck of the woods, and am still on a high from the fabulous people I was surrounded by.


I had no idea That Laurie made that sweater from Fleece to Knit. It was stunning without even knowing that, but now?


Are you in NYC? Chicago?


I'm thinking it's a cone of cashmere you got from Juno's source, but I don't know where you are--Boston? I don't remember buildings that tall in Portland. Denver, en route to Snowmass?


What a fabulous weekend!! I love Laurie's sweater... wow.


Cone of cashmere, in your office. I've got no idea where you'd get something like that, so you are going to have to tell me.

Bookish Wendy

That picture of me is way more flattering than the others! What fun. Sigh. A wheel....hmmm.

In your office...don't know what it is but I can guess where you got it based on this based weekend...I won't spill my guess.

Lee Ann

What Claudia said :-)

Spill it, lady.

Lee Ann

And p.s....

It is highly unfair that my brother lives in Portland and STILL I miss out on the chance to meet you in person. Small child was not transportable this weekend :-(

When are you coming to Montréal? :-}


Since no one seems to know you should spill the beans...where in the world is Carmen Laurie?


Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I just read your entry about getting back from Colorado -- sounds harrowing on many levels. Snow is fun when you are at the ski resort, but not so much fun when trying to get back. My parents were going the other direction -- to Park City -- and were supposed to go on Sunday but got out on Sat. night instead.


OMG. Welp, I went for a cardiogram yesterday (being put in a state of fear over my sister's recent debacle, that is not over, btw), and it was "less abnormal" than before. How's that for .... something? But after seeing That Laurie in THAT SWEATER, I think they should take the EKG again. CRIKEY, that is SO AMAZING! That woman is like.....demented or something. In a good way.

Beth S.

I go a little feral when my husband goes away, too. I eat badly, I sleep poorly, and I scatter knitting projects absolutely everywhere. So you see, it can work both ways.

SPA looks like such fun! And the sweater on That Laurie... well. Words fail. It seems impossible to believe that it began its life as a bag of dirty fleece. Amazing.

Rachel H

Oh, so that's That Laurie. Cool finally getting to put a face to That Name. And I am completely in awe of That Sweater.

I think I should really get cracking on this whole 'taking up spinning' thing after reading about everyone's weekend..


Hmmm, it looks like NYC in the background so I'm guessing a cone of something lucious from Habu.


Cone of Cashmere from Habu and you are in NYC!



I love the way Wendy's hands are moving in the picture of her spinning. Wonderful!

I look psychotic in that picture. I suppose someone would catch me in my natural state sooner or later. ;)


oh my, looks like silk............?


thank goodness someone got a good shot of her sweater - I realized later that I had wanted a picture, but didn't get my camera out in time.

the cone? I don't know. Do I?


I'd agree with Kat and Kate. Do we get a prize?


Um, reason would lead me to believe that that beautiful cone of something or other was purchased, ahem, *recently*, but, I have one question for you:
Was I doing a shot when you bought this? ;)

Mike always complains about being without his "wrangler" when I go away. Much food gets eaten. Empty wrappers multiply like bunnies.


I am new to blogging and need to know.....please,can somebody tell me who Laurie is? I love,love,love that sweater.


I know! I know! It's a cone of ....., from ......

Also, a gangbang of spinners? I love you.


Hi -- I'm new here and would LOVE to know more about "that Laurie" and her sweater... specifically, is there a pattern for it?


Someone just sent me the photo of Laurie's sweater and asked if it was my design...
Is it the Seamless Spiral Yoke? If so, then - yes.
Also - if so - I feel like a gramma; she did a beautiful job.
Meg Swansen

That Laurie

Many thanks for all the kind comments about my sweater. And, yes, it is indeed my variation of Meg Swansen's Spiral Yoke Sweater (having her praise it has totally made my week). That pattern is in _Handknitting with Meg Swansen_. I took the travelling stitch version of the spiral yoked sweater and used my handspun, handdyed yarn with LONG repeats as the alternate "color" over which the stiches travelled. I highly recommend that book -- I have made several things in it. I have three versions of this sweater alone.


"That Laurie" is in our spinning group and we all have been marveling at her beautiful sweater ever since we laid our eyes on it. But that sweater is just a small representation of her incredible talent! She is a goddess when it comes to sheep to...whatever! Congrats Laurie!


Is there any chance you know any info about the pattern for that sweater Laurie made?? It must be shared!

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