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Awesome photo!


You Rock! Love the photo.


Wow! Just thinking about doing what you're doing in the pictures scares me to bits. :)


You medal just by skiing in my book!


Well, look at you! I had barely gotten off the bunny hill when I quit skiing, but my kids all have pictures like that. You'll definitely have to meet the Utah bunch.

Lee Ann

We're going skiing this weekend, and this time, the little one's taking a lesson.

Um, let me clarify that: the really little one. The slightly little one will, however, still be sticking to the green trails, as per your recommendation...cause honey, if you can do what you're doing in that photo, I'm following your instructions to the letter :-)


Aren't doctors known for risk-taking behavior? Remember those docs who lost digits on Everest in Into Thin Air . . . Compared to them, I think you can relax and stay comfy on those skis.

Great photo, too.


Fabulous! A silver medal?! You go, girl!

Rachel H

Ya see, me and the whole 'hurtling oneself down a hill on planks of wood' thing just don't go together.

Me and the 'raising a glass of wine to toast those who hurtle themselves down hills on planks of wood skillfully and successfully' thing go Very well together however, so I shall raise a glass to you at this evening! Great photo too.


(and now the reality of what you missed last year sinks in...)

I must learn how to ski.

S.Kate (knittin' w/ duster handles)

Could you knit with ski poles? Just wondering... (poles as needles, not knit while you ski - *that* might be dangerous)

lynne s of oz

Woo hoo! A REAL silver medal, not one of these knitting olympics ones. Gosh that must be fun! I am still trying to go for gold - only a handwidth to go!


You are such an interesting set of contrasts.

It's a privledge.


I tried skiing once - took the complimentary lesson twice - but couldn't stop thinking my legs were going to break off at the knees. I still need an outdoor winter sport. Maybe snowshoeing? OK, OK, not really a sport. ;)


Whoa, baby! That is super cool!


That is AWESOME! Truly amazing! The two times I've skied I've snowplowed down the mountain at an astonishingly slow speed. I'm very, very impressed! Congratulations on your medal!


That is too fabulous! You are motivating me to dust off the ski equipment.


Gate running is the BEST. We might have the same helmet.


Oh my goodness - that's about the coolest picture I've ever seen.


That is SO cool! I love adventurous people!

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