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Bookish Wendy

Bellwether is one of my favorite words!

And how does one exactly fall into Habu? Inside the nondescript building, up the elevator, into the nondescript door of the store?!


Coned yarn...
Lucky you!


Knitted doggie booties would defeat the functional purpose of doggie booties. Although I can't see those Iditarod pups wearing those particular pink booties. All the other dog teams would laugh at them.


Oooooh....I remember the Geelong lambswool - made my heart skip a beat, it did.

julia fc

Hey, my good pal Leslie is one of Blue Sky's house designers. You want a local hookup, go to the Yarn Basket next time you're in Portsmouth. They have the entire line. Leslie used to work there, so they support the line fully.


OMG, those booties are SO CUTE. Having grown up in Vermont with manly, beastly gigantic dogs, I would have scoffed you right out of my presence with those things, but now that I'm the mommy of frou-frou Vincent, I totally see their appeal. Okay, maybe not PINK for him, but still. He needs footwear for the frigid snow and rain and slush!!! The only thing that disappointed me slightly about them is that at first I thought they were those "jellies" sandals. Now, THAT would have been cute. ;-)


Heh...as a new puppy owner, I know EXACTLY why they're not knitted! Cuz little Fifi there would shred them in an instant! What I don't get is why Fifi has to wear boots when there is no snow. Next winter (when his feet are a little bigger) I am buying my little critter some boots from a place in Montana that makes durable boots for sled dogs. I think he has a promising career in the Iditarod ahead of him. ;)


You might need booties on a dog to keep their toes from freezing..but in NYC?
You were wise to leave a store without good karma.
The knitted gold is amazing. Would love to see that in person.


Oh my. That gold stuff. How amazing!


The gold thing looks like it should be the treasure in an Indiana Jones movie. The cones are divine.


What a wonderful collection of photos, especially that knitted gold.


20-60 needles?! Talk about wrestling a hedgehog. It's stunning!


I have no idea what 20-60 needles are, but wow.


When I was there last week I saw no less than four dogs dressed in booties and...wait for it...coats that matched their owner's. Not all of them were small dogs, either. I found it...disturbing.

Now, for Knits Incredible...it must have been either a bad day or not the owner? I went there last year with RR and our friend Dave and felt very welcomed - although I was very claustrophobic because the place is so small. Weird how some people can have one experience at a place and then others have an experience that is the complete polar opposite. I say this because I was not impressed with The Point when I went there yet alot of knitters like it alot. *shrugs* :o)

Beth S.

The sudden appearance of all that neutral-colored laceweight makes me wonder what precisely is up the Etherknitter sleeve.

That sparkly wiry golden thing? Wow. 60 needles? Double wow. Triple wow, even.

Lee Ann

Oh god, my eyes...

Not only not knitted, but PINK.

I have no business looking for alpaca laceweight, given that a wheel which can spin laceweight is coming to me rather soon and I have such an enormous lot of alpaca fibre, it's sinful. But I will say it's mighty beautiful :-)


Of course booties for the dogs. No footprints on MY white carpets :-).

I'm not buying the falling-into-Habu story for one stinkin' minute.


Next time you come to NYC please come visit me at work at String! We're always very deep in Koigu, and I love meeting fellow bloggers!

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