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Great meme. And why Lenox? tanglewood? or some other reason?


This was fun to read. I've never seen a LOTR movie (I had to google "LOTR"). If tea is a food group, then coffee should absolutely be on the pyramid. Along with chocolate -- they are *that* important.


Of course tea is a food! I buy mugs from wherever I visit to celebrate my tea habit.

Teresa C

Lenox is one of my favorite spots to visit as well. The music is the big draw and when Meagan was out there summer before last it made me happy that she was a little bit lonely for her mom and one of the benefits of visiting her was wonderful music. I saw many concerts that summer. And shopped for yarn. And then there is that little tea and coffee shop. Wonderful iced tea. And while it isn't the finest of dining, the surfer-dude pizza place has the yummiest pizza combinations. I'm hoping that Meg will get into their young artist's program for a summer or two. More reasons to vist.....

Off to brew some tea.


VEEEEERY interesting! I used to live in New Haven as well. I also admit to a Survivor addiction....it's strictly from a sociological viewpoint. Yep. So, I'm going to do this meme sometime next week, as soon as I figure out if there are ANY movies I could watch more than once, because it seems I am the only blogger on the planet who has yet to be tagged!


Tea, Survivor and yarn - does a Thursday night get any better? Yes. Now I know someone else is enjoying it too. :-)


Wha? Lenox?!? I live 10 minutes from Lenox! So that leads me to ask....why Lenox? And, if you need a place to stay let me know - I'm mostly normal, ask Carole ;o) Oh, and I love Survivor :o)


Ah, Shakespeare in Love. I just adore that movie!!


I'm guessing Lenox is because of Colorful Stitches. Am I right?

I live near there too (where are you, Cathy?).


One of your favorite foods is also Igor's favorite food. I'll leave you to guess which one.

Lee Ann

Duck is also an entire food category :-) Unfortunately, I seem to have developed the waddle that goes with the territory.


you had a job as a therapist? really?

did you like Portland, OR? This latest car fiasco has had me rethinking my idea of driving across the country and instead just packing up and flying to the West coast. (or flying around the country as need be) I think I could spend 8 months over there...


Ha! Survivor!
(Sorry. I get really vindicated when I find another smart woman with an inexplicable Survivor habit.)


I can SO see you as a therapist. Bet you kicked ass!!! Want to come be mine??


One of my greatest sadnesses is that Enchanted April still is not available on DVD. How can this be? Miranda Richardson, Alfred Molina, Jim Broadbent, a charming and lovely story, Italy in the spring. It is an absolute crime, I tell you.


I love Enchanted April. I also love Howards End and A Room with a View, both similar to E. April. I love period pieces! :)

Cindy D

You have just reminded me that I must post a meme because Judy tagged you and me. Glad you had the courage to include TEA!

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