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I adore ML! She is a goddess - as intelligent and kind as she is beautiful and energetic. Did she still have those gorgeous inch-long nails, too? :D Also, ML is one of the few people who design crochet garments that are actually nice (most crochet, imho, is plain fugly).

Rachel H

I like your knitting space! I really like that your chair is surrounded by knitting stuff. Has your Viking Knits Collection arrived yet?


Melissa will be here in February! Now I'm more excited than before. Your chair is similar to mine and your space looks comfy and conveniently laid out.


Ohhh, I covet your chair and footstool. I sat in one of those at J*ordan's Furniture in Fra*mingham (asterisks to prevent Googles for that here!) and have not been able to get them out of my mind since. They fit my body PERFECTLY! Ah, bliss.


What a great spot! I love this meme and seeing everyone's knitting space. Now I can picture you there.


Look at that cute little stash.



Melissa is an incredible teacher; one of the best I've had for knitting!


Keeping things in near consciousness - I like that! And now I can prove to DH that I'm not the only one! But I think I may have a bit more stuff being kept in near consciousness - maybe that's what gets to him?


Keeping a stash of envelopes to send needles: brilliant.


Thanks for sharing :o)

Cindy D

That's what I want to do with my daughter's room ever since she moved out a while ago for graduate school. I need to get two comfortable chairs. I love yours with the footstool!!!I need a room to put all my fiber stuff that is overfilling the family room :).


I took a class with her, too, and your photos perfectly capture my memory of her endless energy as she tried on all those different sweaters.

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