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The spinning looks awesome and I love the idea of those two colors plied together. Please show when done!
An afgh**? Are you out of your mind? Wait. Don't answer that.


Just stop! If Mr. Etherknitter wants an agh** he can knit one. You'll be cross-eyed and cranky and it won't be worth it. Knit what you love...that's the first rule (if there are any rules at all, that is).


Margene is very smart.


I've had a lap blanket stuffed in my closet in time out for over a year now...stupid big square knitting...

Rachel H

What is the mildly interesting pattern? I'm thinking of knitting an afg*** as a housewarming gift for a friend, but for this guy, it's best to be only Mildly interesting. 'scuse me. I must now go and google 'what the hell is brushed alpaca'.


...tain't an afg*** jus' one honkin'ly huge "s"?


lol, you know, now that you've said it in your blog, it's gonna pop up on google, too, rofl!

still, it is pretty stuff, even if it's a PITA to work with.

and the spinning looks very pretty


I should take your post as a warning. I have three children who may all fly the nest over this next year and find myself thinking they each need a handspun, handknit afg*** to take with them. But then I look at what you've got started and gee, it's really pretty...


I really think I tried to warn you.


Can't comment on the afghan, as I've never knit one (& never plan to) but I will say I was just on a plane with my TSA-compliant circular plastic knitting needles a few weeks ago, and my friend brought her size 14 aluminum straights, no problem!


"Jello-wood with a B"? No wonder you were in hysterical tears.


Margene is a smart lady. If you really aren't enjoying it, I bet you could package it up and someone else would be happy to buy it from you ;-)). Life is too short to spend on something we are not enjoying, especially since hobbies are supposed to make us smile ;-)

Mary Hunt

well, if you must persist on the af****, try using markers between each section. One then doesn't need to count. Hit a marker, and you know to change. Much less frogging. By doing that, it is equally mindless, and still good for your early intent.


I think your (ahem) "lap blanket" looks lovely. Keep going! It will feel so good when you stop.


PS Check out my site! It's new...and if it's storming at your house you'll LOVE the island pics.



I hope the plying looks great and you saw the New Year in as you wanted to. Happy 2006 to you and the Mister!

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