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It sounds like the workshop was wonderful - Barbara's teaching sounds excellent.

I see those wheels in an empty room and I wonder if they spin when no one is watching. You know, like in Fantasia. ;-)


I know Barbara Clorite! I used to work with her at a company in Lexington when I lived in MA. She's a great lady.

Alpaca Kathy

The photo of that wonderfully sunny kitchen made me smile just now. We couldn't have ordered a better day.

And your boucle looks great. Isn't it amazing? I flopped on the couch that night, but have done lots of plying since.

I loved the spark in your eyes when I talked about alpacas. Any time, you know... I promise to be a BAD influence.


Cormo is fantastic, but you've found its one flaw -- difficult to wash clean enough to spin smoothly. My first go at it left me with a sticky, taffy-like substance. But I agree that sending out a fleece like this is asking for trouble. I've found that Orvus paste, which I found at a country hardware store that catered to horse owners, is far superior to any other detergent. My giant jar of this stuff is pretty old, so I don't know if it's still available.


What a fun day that must have been! Barbara's a veritable fount of information - glad you got to workshop with her.

My favorite processor: Still River Mill in CT. They've done wonderful work with the fine fleeces I've sent them and I'm about to send them some fine hogget cormo to blend with silk and angora. Woolyknob in Indiana also does nice work. My preference with rambouillet is to process it in batts with angora for felting.

Cindy D

Must have been a good workshop if she was able to teach a class of many abilities! Sounds like you had a great time at Julia's.


Some time knitting feels like a straight jacket when it doesn't go as planned. LOL
Marinating in your stash is a good way to find the perfect project.


I'm glad you had a good time at Julia's and it sounds like you learned a lot. I'm impressed with your boucle! And your garden pictures, in November, no less.


When I was little & went on a plane trip, I always wanted to go out and play in the clouds. It looks like unspun wool may be a way to get close.
I love the berries. And the story about the squirrels. Do you have a plan for this winter?


Chris has made the suggestions I would make. Risa has sent Alice Fields' cormo to Wooly Knob with great results. Based on this, Sara (sara skates) sent out an AF cormo to blend with some camel (she dubbed the result caramelo). I have some of the results. Lovely. And nep-free. I have heard good things about Still River Mill from people who know (Linda of Wild Fibers, the other tall woman on crutches at this spring's fiber fests) and I think it's quite likely that Cedric, the black romeldale, will sojourn there in the very near future. It can be a Very Bad Thing to send out fine fibers, but only if you don't know where to go.


Knit straightjacket...mercy me.

 Lee Ann

I'm pretty sure my blog can be found via silky white llama straitjacket.

Did I tell you I'm going to buy a fleece once a certain lambie grows up and gives it to me?

Black. Of course. I like the black sheep, you see....

 Lee Ann

Oh my god. I'm the first hit. I just tried it.

Your berry pictures are awesome. That was my favourite thing to gather for decoration in the house with my grandmother.


Beautiful yarn and gorgeous berries! I need to work harder at planning my garden so there is more color in the fall/winter. I'm afraid that once the roses are gone there isn't much to look at :o\


That cormo was sooooooo delicious. Come to my house. We'll have some tea and chocolate and drum carding....

It won't be quite as nice as the combing, but it's good.

I'll also put in a word here for Wooly Knob. They're extremely nice, and they took an extraordinarily nasty little lamb fleece (NHS&W) and turned it into stuff you just want to roll around on the floor with. Plus it spins up nice too - like butta', as they say in these parts.


I.. actually googled for a knit straitjacket.

One of only three links that came up.



I like the Learning Styles link--have just been wandering off in it...You must have a beautiful garden. Having the red berries in November is such a treat. Great Rosemary Verey quote!


better a late comment than no comment, right? I love the berry pictures! I love berries in general. They are wonderful. :)

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