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The spinning party looks like so much fun ... love the proud smile you're wearing as you show off your socks.

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I think the snow we had was (potential travel issues aside) a perfect touch. It was a lovely day.


Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! ...the three nuts were...pecans, walnuts and...? I think I might need that recipe someday.

(the purell on the counter next to the molasses is priceless.)

Stay warm!


Maybe someday if I am very, very good, I can get you to cook me dinner.

Mmmmm. And the wine! Mmmmm.

Teresa C

I think you live life a bit more, ummm......deliciously than I do. It all seems so yummy. So glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving.


Ditto to Teresa.

And to Kristen. :-)


Love the summary of the "protocol!" You got it down perfectly! Gald you had such a good TD.


Sounds like you've had an indulgent sort of week. Idyllic, I'd say.


Life couldn't be more perfect with a fibery weekend that moves into a delicious day of friends and food. You sure know how to live;-)

Lee Ann

For some reason, the link to Cindy's blog is not working...so I'll just trust you're looking resplendent in your socks ;-)

I love making tarte tatin. Believe it or not, though, my French husband prefers chocolate cake. oooookay...chocolate suits me fine....

Thinking of you today as I embark on the husband scarf with the newly acquired alpaca roving...



Cindy D

I heartily approve of your wine choices and scrumptious dessert.Sounds like you had a relaxing Thanksgiving, Laurie.

Bookish Wendy

The wine is my favorite part ;)

Happy post-Thanksgiving to you Laurie. It looks like you had a fabulous day!


So, I'm trying to learn how to do cryptic crosswords, and I started my first one on Wednesday. Clue #1 of this puzzle was "Life is a wild binge." The answer? Being (anagram of binge). Coincidence? I think not.


It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! So glad to hear it! :o)


"The sun was out, the temperature was unseasonably warm. The drive to Judy's was a last die-hard New Englander's leaf peeping exercise. Only browns and dark golds were left. The greys of the trunks and branches were relieved by green pines. The eye shifts from color to texture. The tracery of tree bones against the sky catches the blue and the sun."

What a beautiful piece of writing and you so perfectly describe this time of year here in New England!

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