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Teresa C

Heehee! I love it! *Send it all!* says she. Why have just what you need when you can have ALL of it. That is my theory on most things. :)


Send it all? I've never met Toni but I think I need to call her!!

 Lee Ann

Did you leave anything red for me?

I guess I don't need to send you any baby alpaca from up here, then...

or do I? ;-)


Oohh...I LOVE polwarth, it is my favorite yarn. I purchased a bunch of raw polwarth fleeces a few years ago and am finally getting around to using them. My granddaughter's little red sweater is made with polwarth and I just love the handle.

Have fun spinning!!!


The spinning looks fab! And I am still thinking about the Boise - I mean, it's not normal to dream about yarn, or is it?


I love the way you think;-)


The Polworth looks absolutely beautiful. And if I knew someone with "all" that yummy alpaca fluff to send...

Some days, I wish I knew how to spin.


I've no idea what it's like to spin alpaca, but truth be told, you've sold me on it.

It's strangely calming to read about all that you are working on, planning for and scheming about. (I think it's because I can relate to it even though that many projects aren't (realistically) going to happen with my schedule anytime soon...) And your husband saying "handspun only?" Priceless.

julia fc

I am so taking you to see Kathy's Alpacas tomorrow.


Have I told you how much I just love Toni? She is just a total doll! She was in my 3-day class and I spent much time at her booth once Market opened. Unfortunately for my finances, what I need to call her about is cashmere. Sigh. It makes all the difference in sock yarn if you add just one ply.


Ebony needles. Handspun for the guy. Alpaca. *Everything* at The Fold. Wow, you just won't settle for second best, willya? ;-)


That is indeed a very good husband you've got there.


I always think grasses look out of place in the summer perennial bed, but in the winter they really shine. They are the most critical bones, the spine, of the winter garden in my opinion. I just find them hard to work with in the summer. Maybe the key is to use them like room dividers in the yard, to delineate space, rather than as a spot foliage addition to a perennial bed.

Your spinning looks so perfect and even, I am jealous! I would like to try alpaca and llama sometime but I want to wait until I get better. It would be a sin to take fine fiber and make something lumpy and uneven out of it.


Maybe a winter garden in a different climate? Like Bermuda?


My garden is very jealous of your garden.

We won't even begin to talk about how my wheel feels....


I really appreciate that you post photos of your spinning. When you're learning and don't have much to compare your own work to, it helps to have something to aim for.


"Send it all." Might be my favorite blog-phrase of the year. And your husband is a lucky man, not to mention spoiled.

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