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I love that Japanese Maple- at first glance it looked like fun fur to me! And I'm sure you'll love wearing Marilyn, despite the scrutiny through the retrospectoscoe (do you have a part number for one of those?). I think she looks fabulous!


Again - Marla looks stunning, and had I the opportunity to make an entire sweater out of alchemy yarns, I SO WOULD. That said - Marla is on my upcoming projects list and I had cotton ease picked out for it (couldn't resist the close out sales...). Think that would be a better yarn?

Beth S.

Oh. Oh. OH! Thank you so much for the Japanese maple shot. It's my new desktop wallpaper.


Ooh! I'm jealous of the foliage - I have NO time to go out and take pictures. Or at least pictures of anything other than kids. ;-)


Japanese Maple! Oh my it is so gorgeous (and orange!). Mine sadly left this world for a better one and it is missed.
Knitting requires faith in the knitting Goddess. She can turn on you, yes...but when she is kind she knows her stuff.


So the moral of the story is, all's well that ends well? The sweater looks great and I'd hardly say you were winging it. I'm glad it all paid off.
And the Japanese Maple is stunning!

Liz (YarnGeek)

I think the sweater is gorgeous, and OH how absolutely awe inspiring your maple is! Can we have a photo of Hotei under the flaming maple?

Lee Ann

The gingko tree is my favourite tree. I love this shot. New wallpaper (the nebula was starting to get to me...)

Your Marla is stunning, you are stunning in it, and I think you should not only wear it to the workshop but you should enter the room with the same pose you used for the FO shot ;-)


I agree with LeeAnn.......your sweater is stunning and one that you can be very proud of!

I'm with you though in the knitting angst.....I do try to avoid it if I can.....but as you may have noticed, there has been a little..LOL


To an outside observer, the angst was definitely so worth it … but I understand that having to experience it may temper that a bit. Great job all around, though.


Marla is the kind of sweater you can wear ANYWHERE and be proud ;o) Love your fall foliage shots!

lynne s of oz

There's nothing like going out with a bang, and crikey that maple is going out in a HUGE bang!
I reckon you would make a bit of a splash in that Marla too :-)


It's sort of nice to have this foliage suprise now. I TOTALLY agree with Lee Ann -- I think Melissa Leapman would love to see her design so well executed and in such a beautiful yarn. There is a lot of breath holding in all of this.


Omigod. I love your Japanese maple. I so want one, but we don't really have the yard for a big one.
Yes, I'm lusting after your plants, not your knitting. This post, at least.

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