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Love the new sweater pattern for your DH! That might even appeal to my young adult son, who also has a very understated sense of fashion. And your spinning is coming along just fine!


The new sweater is great! Very nice. You are too funny. My DH would've shit a brick.

Rachel H

I'm too recent a reader to know what the old sweater pattern was, but I do really like the new one! I'll have to check out that link again when I have some more time.

Kate F.

The new sweater is lovely but, oohh honey, it's not in English...aren't you just trading one set of frustrations for another? Is your marriage strong enough to survive that one? :^)


It's really not nice to scare your husband that way! I'm glad it worked out okay, though, And the Lavold pattern is great. I love her Viking Knits book. One of these days I really have to make something out of that one!


I have a Viking Knits sweater in the queue. I love the new man's sweater. (what's Kate talkin' about, it's not in English? It is.) Have you tried the Silky Wool? It's lovely and feels so nice on. Probably not so nice on the hands when knitting, though...I'm not such a good one to judge that, because I have tough hands.


I've met the DH. He's eminently accomodating. I knew he wouldn't insist on the wrist-surgery sweater. Kellee's suggestion will be perfect. Thank goodness for blog-friends.


I like the new sweater and the spinning is looking great. You made me laugh with this post and I thank you.


I have to echo Cassies point on your husband's easy-going-ness but even with that in mind I did giggle at how you presented the whole situation. The "new" sweater looks like a great combination of simplicty and interest - a good balance for a men's sweater. I'm envious at how your spinning looks - there's just something about how the bobbins from a wheel look, especially when I compare them to what I spin with my spindle. I love seeing how it's spinning up because I (still) can't anticipate how it'll transform from roving to strands to yarn!

(I have an image of the medical'looking'ness of the roving, and it's a heightened image thanks to the time I spent in surgery this past week....)


Excellent choice. One of my favorite sweaters of all time. I have some silky wool waiting for me to find some spare knitting time to turn into the women's version.


Excellent choice. One of my favorite sweaters of all time. I have some silky wool waiting for me to find some spare knitting time to turn into the women's version.


Elsebeth to the rescue. Good save...great sweater!


Sorry for the suffering that swatch inflicted, but the new sweater is very handsome! And what man doesn't want to feel like a Viking now and then? Heck, *I* want to be a Viking every so often.


Indeedy, it seems to be unanimous. We all like the new sweater. I also have a Lavold pattern in the endless queue; it's been clamoring to get to the top for months.


I love the new sweater choice!

I now have the song from your post-title stuck in my head.


The Viking sweater is a fab pattern.
The bfl : put some more spinning twist in. Just run through the wheel again. The yarn will soften and balance. When you put a lot of twist into the singles you need more twist in the plying. I still make this mistake. I count treadles until a length of yarn looks how I want it,then try to roughly match length and treadles through the bobbin. Does that make sense ?


Well...the first step to fixing any problem is admitting you have one in the first place ;o)

The new pattern looks great!


Seed stitch sucks! Down with seed stitch! Long live the cable!

p.s. It was indeed the short version, and the only eye rolling was at the thought that you might even consider an entirely seed stitch man-sweater. I'd rather poke my eyes out with a yarn needle. Clearly, you are a better wife than me. ;)


Hahahaaaaaa!! Your poor husband. I can only imagine what was running thru his mind before you told him what the problem really way......LOLOL!

Seed stitch.....yes, you would be certifiable. I love the pattern that Kellee picked out for you. Very nice!


I like seed stitch! We'll see if I'm still saying that at the end of my Aran pocket shawl (basketweave with seed stitch inside squares). Of course, you can like anything that you're _not_ knitting.


I'm back from SOAR, with SOOOOOO much to share about spinning and plying and all kinds of other stuff, but it has to wait till I go foraging for food. One word about seed stitch....it is a fun stitch if you knit English/American with the finger flick or lever action method. Continental...not so nice. I brought you a present, by the way.


Yuck. Seed stitch. I can keep track of cables, lace patterns and all their friends. Seed stitch I screw up just about every single row! You did the right thing. Oh and that Lavold sweater? Gorgeous!

julia fc

Were you a continental knitter, seed stitch would give you no pause. However: new sweater is yummy. Were you contemplating Irish Moss for real. Wow, I thought you were kidding.
I am about to order silky wool for that travelling stitch miasma, but may follow you down the viking path eventually too.


Seed stitch man's sweater = grounds for divorce. The new sweater is wonderful, and looks much easier on the nerves.


I can totally relate! I set out to make my first adult sweater EVER for my DH, and he picked out some uber-complicated aran pattern. I told him he was getting stockinette for the first one, and then if we knew I had a pattern that even fit him, we could think about cabling!
Good luck with the sweater,


hee, hee - sorry to come so late to the party....but if you can;t get through the swatch, you certainly can't knit the sweater.

I have roving envy - I love Indigo moon.

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