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Oooooo, pretty fiber stuff!


Yes. Just Get It Into The Ground Damnit is right. I did just that, and I got every last thing in today. I also ask you for a gold star, please, as I cleaned the mint patch (as in, I tried to eradicate it in its present location - mock me at will) and planted daffodils and Asiatic lilies in its place. The husband (mock him at will) lamented that I hadn't prepared a new spot for the mint, and what will we do without our mint?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. As IF I have eradicated it. AS IF!


Love, love love the sweater!! What brand of blocking pins are those?


Oh my, that spinning is very lovely.

I hear you on the problems with spinning fidelity post-Rhinebeck (and VT, and Fiber Twist...).

The weather sure is nice, though.


I think the buying of extra bobbins is perfectly rational. I did it *before* Rhinebeck.

I hope the blocking was the cure for Marla. You are now obligated to post a modeled picture. (says me)


Ah, don't buy too many bobbins. Then what will you do when you succumb to the siren call of the mystical, magical WooLee Winder and have to get all new bobbins?! You'll have all those unuseable bobbins lying around gathering dust. Just saying.


Ooohhh......I love that sweater!! Simple, yet elegant, and the fiber on your bobbin.......simply scrumptious!

julia fc

I'm with you on the planting mentality. You should see the unceremonial tossing that was bulb planting here yesterday: Find a bare spot, step on shovel, pry wedge-shaped hole in the soil (which is like cake mix from all the lovely rain and cooling temps) and stick as many bulbs in the hole as will civily fit. Rake soil back into reasonable shape, repeat.


Yeah, well, my bulbs are still sitting in the mudroom. Wednesday, I think, because I had a doctor's appointment in the middle of the day, so I can plant in the morning. I just need to get the little suckers in the ground and BE DONE with it!


I think Marla (shhhhh) might just work - merino silk will stretch anyway, so perhaps you have foiled future bagging.

And as for your autumn plantings - which do better - the ones jammed into the ground, or the ones tenderly nurtured?


We got things into the ground yesterday, too. And potted up rudbeckia and Russian sage that I intend to donate to my garden club plant sale in the spring (50/50 chance of coming back in my experience). And got the fragile things out of the ground, finally. Now my amaryllis (formerly in the garden) is sitting potted up in the fridge, next to the lettuce and milk. Might be better to wait to transplant that clematis... Snow! In October! Was that a record? It looked like a white-out down here most of Saturday.


We grill on our patio all year round, during any and all weather conditions. It's well worth it when things are cooked to perfection, as you said.
My fingers are crossed for Marla to be perfect, too.

Cindy D

Love the cormo and silk, girl!

Laura J

Yay! The Driveway Garden will bloom again, only where it's supposed to be.

I have so enjoyed he past two warm days I have been utterly useless, but I intend to get out and Get Things in the Ground today, honestly.


The cormo is gorgeous!! I almost reached up to touch it on the screen...

I also vote for a modeled shot of Marla!


The spinning is beautiful. I'm glad the steaks were good. :-)


"The guilt of endless procrastination is at an end"...ah! that is what I am waiting for regarding (all) my fiber projects. Marla is beautiful, looks worth the procrastination. We grill in blizzards & I think the food tastes best that way!

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