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Some people have told me that they use a cloth or cotton dishtowel on their lap/leg to keep the fiber fuzzies off their clothes. I've learned not to wear black while spinning, because everything shows on that.


The EEE thing around here is scary, isn't it? I can't help with the spinning question since I don't spin. But I will be interested to hear what people say. Just in case I might spin someday.


I get those little bits of roving stuck to me too and I can't bear to throw them away. I have a little basket full of little wisps and roving bunnies that I'm saving "just in case". Every now and then a strong breeze comes along and blows them all over the living room.

Lee Ann

I'm not even using the wheel yet and I get roving webs from the spindle. I don't save them, though.

I wear black a lot, and this is a wee bit like having a bizarrely coloured cat, I must say...


When the knitting gets rough...
Your garden would sooth any knit tortured soul. Love the popcorn plant!


I love that clematis. I once planted it, apparently inthe wrong spot.
Spinning clothes?? Never fleece, very very bad, as is any jersey or knitted material in black. I have some sweats that everything sticks to and must avoid them. Aprons are handy, but I usually don't do that at home and almost always do it when I'm demonstrating.


I wear my jammies and accept the fiber on me as the price of ransom. Plus it isn't dissimilar to what the cat leaves on me everyday anyway.

Avoid the bugs, please. No eastern equine encephalitis for you....


Oh dear. Those seaming pictures look complicated indeed.

Teresa C

I sometimes am so overwhelmed by the "spaghetti mess" that I will put it off for so long, then when I finally get to it, methodically working along, I am surprised at how easily it resolves itself. Time consuming, yes....

I too am worried about EEE. We had a death over the weekend in the next town over from us. They cannot confirm where this young woman (my daughter's age) contracted it. She may have been away at a horse show or something. I've taken to bringing the rest of the family in early in the evenings. Be careful when gardening, please!


Love that clematis! Must get one. The best thing about them is how profusely they bloom, like a blanket of stars.


Spinning clothes.....I had never thought of it quite that way, but you're right. Definitely no black, unless you're spinning black Shetland. Actually, pants the color of whatever you are spinning work well! I don't get too much fluff as I do a lot of predrafting, but it all mixes with the long gray cathair, so I don't bother to save it.


Watch out. The dictionary definition of "packrat" may soon be "Laurie".



my sweetie has one of those growing in his back yard and i never knew it was a clematis! i'm used to the ones with the big showy purple flowers.

spinning clothes. i wear jeans or shorts when i spin. the fiber doesnt' stick as badly to denim, or bare skin, lol.

i hate seaming. i don't envyyou in the slightest.

Judith in Ottawa

I have a couple of vintage silk chiffon scarves from second hand stores. Draped over my lap they don't seem to catch on most fibres, and between spinning sessions the scarf drapes through the wheel ever so artistically!

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