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I am not much of a beader, myself, but tourmaline and silver stitch markers! Bestill my heart.

As for your dinner, I am full of envy and demand details of the ...doughnut soup?


I'm with Juno...spill the beans on dinner, please. Oh, oh....a new addiction. You're a goner.


Hey, I was in Chicago this weekend, too. I was a-weddinging, though, so I didn't have any meals as exotic as yours! Do give us the details.


Mmmmmm... I think I know where I'll have to eat when I go to Academy in Chicago next month!


Well, I see some seriouls beading in your future. Oh yeah!


Dinner sounds great, but a room with drawers full of gemstones.. aahhh... I have worn a moonstone everyday of my life since I was in my teens. Very magical, they are.

Lee Ann

I haven't beaded in years, but I still have stones I collected to, you know, fondle every once in a while. Tourmaline is wonderful...great substitute for emerald, which is my birthstone but I'm too much of a klutz to wear them without cracking them. Tourmaline's much harder.


Well, that just all sounds fantastic. What a dining adventure, and you picked up a new hobby while you were there! The gems "in front of you" are making my mouth water!


Ok, I have to tell you that I would eat the worst kind of crap if it were presented that way.
Completely charming.


Well, I'm totally jealous. And, tourmaline, too, my favorite stone. Do take pictures.


In case you ever need to know this, I just love amethysts.



I'm only a little jealous.


I'm with Cassie; only a little jealous.

julia fc

Hey: I'm a gastronaut without a babysitter. How dare you spare me the details. I'm dying . . .

julia fc

and the beads . . .
I am faint from the rush of blood


I'm green with jealousy over that beading! How very wonderful for you.

Lynne S of Oz

That menu is gobsmacking! I love it, except if you need to remind yourself of what you ordered, it might be a little difficult. Excuse mme whilst I regurgitate the menu. Ah, that's right....
That beading station is way too organised. How about a box of bags of beads, some tigertail spoinging madly and a bed with a rumpled spread to put the beads on?


And I'll be in Chicago next weekend for a bookseller's conference! Thanks for the link. But honestly? I have it on good authority that drinking the Harlot under the table isn't much of a challenge....(especially if it's a tall table.)


WAITAMINute. I just blew up the picture -- three possible meals, ranging from $65 to ...I couldn't register a number that large? I'll sit outside and sniff when the door opens...

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