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You should soooo win for this entry;-) I love that bean and hope to see it in person some day.


This is the best entry that I have seen to date!

Lee Ann

That's the coolest thing ever. I love the lineup :-)


Oh, that is fantastic! I won't even resent it if you win. Much. ;-D


Cool picture!! I love the skewed perspective.


Great photos! I think my favorite is the "beaned" one of the Knit It day. Warped makeup people primping knitters: perfect!


The bean? How on earth have I missed this? Thank you for sharing your Bean experience. And thanks to Mr. Etherknitter too! And what are the chances to have knitters there? Too perfect!
See? The sky really IS the limit!

Teresa C

These are the coolest photos! Your lucky day, really. I hope the rest of your trip was great! Are you going to Rhinebeck?

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