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julia fc

Slovenian wine? of course:Friuli's right there and it's my favorite Italian region for white (yum, tokai friulano!) But I've never had any. And Lillet? there's something you don't see on a restaurant list everyday. Sounds stimulating and helpless all at once. Someday we'll return to the restaurant circuit. I miss my 9 Park fix.

Lee Ann

I'd pick the 25 course meal. :-)

Teresa C

I feel huge just thinking about eating all of that. I realize the portions are small, but there is something I could never make a habit of. Looks so yummy though. I could make a habit of course eleven. :)


That's not a meal, that's an event. Honestly, my stomach hurts a little reading, but it sounds like you guys had an interesting experience (did you have fun - a little?)


What an evening! I love the bread and butter course: Two butters. Fabulous. Did they indeed taste different? I bet they did.


I'm sitting here drooling. Good thing my office is private because it's not pretty. Unlike the food you ate, which was gorgeous!


Wow. Just . . . wow!


Oh my goodness! I would need to prepare before a meal like that. How amazing!


You are so out of my league. I only understood the bread and butter course;-)


That is one very adventurous adventure.
But which butter did you choose?


that's one of those meals that I need an escort for - I can handle a few courses, but as they keep coming I need someone there to reassure me that I don't need to drink all of the wine, it's okay to not like everything and all in all it's an experience. Thanks for taking such great notes (and pictures!) and for sharing the whole thing. Well done!


Oh my god. I'm drooling all over my keyboard. We're going to Columbus, Georgia for the rest of this week; suppose they'd have a restaurant like this?


My god, woman! That is the most unbelievable meal. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


So...no one in this schwanky restaurant remarked on the crazy-lady picture taking??


Ah, the sadness of an empty kitchen....


Wonderful recap. And my summary of the recap? Yum.

My husband and I went to a restaurant similar to that for our 1st anniversary. Now, fifteen years later we still reminisce about that dinner.


oooooo the culinarian in me is dying! i'm too tired to do this post justice, so i'll read again tomorrow night. bon apetit!


All I can say is Wow!


ok, i came back, and did the post justice. excuse me while i weep. wow. waht a meal! oh my god! can i sweep that man's kitchen, just so i can watch him create? i am in awe. you lucky, lucky woman. most unique use of avocado i've ever seen. magnifique!


Oh, I love the food shots. Kitchen porn.

Good job on Irish Hiking Scarf. Mine's tucked somewhere, but seeing it as it should be is inspiring. Personally, I like modeled shots - gives scale and shape to the clothing and is usually a more interesting photo overall.


I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. The chocolate ice cream with lime, avocado, and mint flavorings sounds so unusual but so delicous. I can't imagine how the avocado would taste, however.

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