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A big cheer for those folks going down to give help. However, I'll bet the NOLA residents coming will need warm knitted items soon enough, aye?


If I'd known when I was 17 what it felt like to be helpless in the face of disaster, I'd have trained as something useful.

I love the way different parts of the country are expanding to provide refuge, it's a little piece of hope, yes?


Thanks for the mention. There is such an amazing response. Your garden looks so peace and beautiful.
Enjoy the island;-)


the medical schools in my town are taking students from tulane and lsu as well. this is a good thing. we even have a patient from one of the hospitals. i wish i could do more, but i suppose sitting on my butt while i click the "pay" button for ARC is all i can do for now. a yahoo group i am a part of said to wait to ACT, not REact. the time will come

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